Top 4 Dark Souls 3 PvP arena builds for 2v2/3v3 brawls

There are so many options when it comes builds in Dark Souls PvP and you can be almost anything, from a brave knight, japanese samurai to a dishwashing machine. However, very few of those builds are viable when it comes to arena brawls due to the nature of DkS3 PvP and the way the arena is set up. I’m not really proud to admit it, but I’ve spent all those months observing and analysing my brawl encounters to sort out the best possible builds, so today I present you 7 best Dark Souls 3 PvP builds for brawls. Let’s begin. CASTER FAG. This one is extremly easy to use and it works well in all kinds of brawls – 2v2, 3v3 and FFA. The setup is pretty simple and requires no tedius minmaxing whatsoever. First step is to pick a good damaging projectile spell/miracle or pyromancy – whatever floats your boat. Fireballs are okay, Forbidden Sun is better…

WoTG works fine, but the best option is always gonna be Crystal Soul Spear. At the end of the day though, it is up to you – you can pick whatever you like and make it work just fine. Once you’ve settled with the damaging projectile thing that suits your taste, you will have to dump all of your free stat into attunement and faith or int. Once it’s done you are free to que up and enjoy your life as a brawl god… however if you want to ascend to the level of super god – I have some tips that will make it a lot easier. Number one, stay as far as you can so that your teammates take all the damage while you steal all the kills with your projectile bullshit – works every time. Number two, pack a healing miracle… have you ever heard of Projectile Heal? It’s the best miracle in the game, so just go and get it! Number three, make sure to have something infused with simple gem so that you can gradually regain FP during the battle.

Number four, get the Obscuring Ring – the best ring in the game. Period. THE UGS RETARD This one is my favorite. If you’re into big guys with big guns and that kind of thing, then this is for you. Start as a warrior and get lots of STR and make sure to wear some cool looking heavy armour. Once you’re done you are free to partake in honourable bralws by mashing the ever cancerous R1 button, but don’t feel bad about it, since you’re using an UGS and not some cheesy cancer META weapon – the Ministry of Truth won’t go after you. Anyway, time for some tips. Number one – get a weapon that scales well with STR and has a sweeping attack. Since most big ass guns have big hitbox, you can hit multiple enemies – assuming you have a sweeping attack that covers a good chunk of arena in front of you. With that in mind you can just charge right into battle, knowing that HA will save your ass and you will likely win all of the trades.

Number two, have ever heard of the Projectile Heal? It’s the best miracle in the game, just go and get it! Number three, if you get a teammate that starts casting shit behind your back, make sure to bait them because in most cases that’s the only way you’re gonna get some use out of them. Number four, make sure to spam ‘Well what is it’ before and after the match, because… reasons. THE META NOOB Few minutes ago I have lied to you, because this build is actually my favorite. 90% of the time I find myself using and I absolutely love it. First step is getting the build that is suited for dueling, start as a Knight get a good old 40/40, pack 10 faith so that you can cast Replenishment with an extra ring to make sure you’re set for dueling. Then pick a weapon that is good for 1v1s, my favorite setup is Estoc paired with Avelyn. Once its all done, go and que up for the 2v2 or 3v3 brawl and feel like you are outclassing everyone, because you are clearly using a superior setup. Once you’re done with the brawl domination and all the gesture spamming, you are free to go back to dueling because we all know thats where the real skill is.

Now it’s time for some tips. Number one, if you are smart and loyal but somehow ended up losing in 2v2 or 3v3 to other inferior peasant setups, make sure to unplug your internet cable so that you can free yourself from this scrub attack misery. Number two, have ever heard of Projectile Heal? It’s the best miracle in the game, just go and get it! Number three, make sure that you have an open profile so that every scrub you defeat can scribe you a message filled with salt and tears…

or tears and salt? Ugh whatever. I hope this helps you to become better at PvP. Make sure to like, favorite and subscribe, check out my other videos, support me on Patreon, donate me your older sister and well… thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time!.

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