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Mytha is the last boss of Earthen Peak. Before you enter her arena, burn the windmills near Central Earthen Keep bonfire with your torch. This will remove the poison from the boss arena preventing damage to you and unwanted heals on the boss. Her magic is similar to Scorpioness Najka, and you should be careful for her tail swipes and forward moves. Her attacks are often single or double hits with obvious tracking, so if you keep calm you won’t have any issues avoiding them. You may also block the attacks using a proper shield as shown in the video. If you wish to cut the tail, concentrate your attacks on it which will remove its swipe.

Be mindful when she drops her head on the floor as a large AoE may catch you off­guard. Mytha is resistant to magic, but susceptible to hexes. She is also very weak to pyromancy, so if you are having trouble, you can try that out. Or you can summon the very strong ally Jester Thomas on the stairs leading to the boss..

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