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Can you confirm me something? Can the Hawk Ring make projectiles like firebombs go further? I’ll look into it! So does the Hawk Ring work with thrown items? Let’s find out! So what does this Ring even do? It tells us it “extends the range of arrows”. no item changes… however the two Wiki’s are in disagreement about this! So let’s solve this once and for all! So to help me test this I have a special guest. Say hi to Rosaria! Due to her fat ass she has a HUGE hit box! Please don’t report me for waifu abuse! Let’s test dagger damage at range first We use Kukri’s since when thrown they do not arc They always fly straight! We can see she is being staggered But we can see no damage numbers! This is because at range, when the damage is so low…

it doesn’t even bother to pop up! thanks B team… So this is pretty weak at such range So now let’s try again, with the Hawk Ring! So no damage or staggering yet… This is because the daggers despawn after a certain range Last time we could only hit her from about this archway If the range is equal we shall hit her any second now! And there we go! That is quite the improvement! 3 damage compared to 68! So the Hawk Ring dramaticly reduces the falloff damage penalty How about the smaller daggers? Now these are really tricky to land! But after some testing… They do improve the thrown damage It might not look as impressive…

but that’s just because this is the max range possible! They will despawn any further than this So to recap: They do not increase the range of daggers but makes them more effective at longer ranges So should you use this in PvP then? Not quite… When using daggers at the maximum lock-on range… we see no damage difference So unless you are godly at sniping at mad ranges… or there is some kind of DLC ring that increases lock on range the ring is pretty limited under normal uses… But how about those firebombs? With and without the ring they deal the same damage… regardless of distance! Makes sense really… Not like it can explode harder! Instead the Hawk ring changes the throwing arc! Wow! Look at that height! It is pretty noticeable from the normal camera angle So does this helping combat? Oddly enough when locked on…

it completly ignores this new arc so it only takes effect when not locked on! But that’s okay… It does increase the throw distance riiiiight? Well kinda… The maximum throw distance possible is approx the same. But at low and mid ranges the ring does help you throw even further! What is really odd is that it doesn’t even work on all throwable items! It works with all Bombs and Urns The charms and alluring skulls… however do no benefit from the changed throwing style The charms also travel a lot less than the bombs too Who knew they were so heavy eh? Oooo! I almost forgot! One wiki said it even increases the zoom for binoculars and the ranged weapons… So after some testing… It sadly does not work with any of them So what is our conclusion then? I give the Hawk Ring INTERESTING / 10 Sure it’s useless but it’s really cool that they even added that! Igive the wikidot six out of IGN Playing it safe with no surprises! As for the Fextralife Wiki I give..

Last Minute Homework out of 10! You are a strong independent wiki dat don’t need no fact-checking! And finally I give this video… video NO MEMES out of 11! Too much old man and I disliked how the video ended suddenly.

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