DARK SOULS Ill 2-1 Undead Settlement

Okay, first things first, lets show ya guys where that Cell Key goes in case you don’t know. Parrying with the Uchi is sometimes a hit and miss for me. Sometimes I get it, sometimes I don’t. And I don’t normally use a shield because of Bloodborne. Ever since that game, I’ve gotten so used to just dodging that when I do use a shield it throws me off Which is weird because in Dark Souls I used a shield all the time. Was a tank when I beat the last boss. I don’t know how I didn’t get hit there but I’m glad I didn’t. It doesn’t happen often. There’s some throwing knives back there. And up ahead is a guy to the left and mail breaker. In here is where the NCP was. I call him Thief Guy because I can’t spell his real name. Anyway, he’s pretty handy as a vendor. He asks you to deliver this ring to a woman in the next area called Loretta. Say yeah, sure bro and he’ll warp to Firelink.

Now, lets go talk to Thief Guy. Psych! Gonna go show you one kinda tough enemy that you can kill to get a handy gem. THEN we talk to Thief Guy, buy a few things, and then Remmi will FINALLY go to the next area! Kill these guys first. Man, Remmi needs to upgrade her stamina. Guys with tank shields are total asses. Kicking them helps when they block but watch out for the bash. The two weapons Remmi just got are pretty good. Lothric knight sword has pretty good crit for backstabs but I’ve only used it once. I’m not a fan of Halberd weapons in this game. I just don’t like the movesets or how slow they feel. Yeah, see the crit is 110? Mail Breaker has 130 even overall it sucks as a weapon. I still prefer weapons with bleed even though I don’t use it as effectively as I should. Okay, up here is Ao No Knight, he can cast a faith buff on his sword and it hurts a lot. Do not rush at him.

Luckily, he has the same movesets as the regular knights only he hurts a lot more. Thats it! Don’t get hit by that! Refined gems make your scaling even. So say your weapon has an C in strength and D in dex, well the refined gem will make that D a C. I don’t need two Lothric swords. Throwing knives will be needed. Also firebombs and arrows if you have a bow. Bolts work, too. Don’t just run down there. The gate will open and dogs will come out to eat your face. The camera is your enemy. These are useful if you have no arrows or throwings knives to attract enemies. Just chuck it somewhere away from you and the enemies will go to the skull. On the right is an NCP you can recruit. Follow his questline to unlock a certain ending. I’ve done so on another character although I’ve yet to finish the game I can say if you’re going for a luck build, go get that guy now.

He’s right over there. I won’t be getting him because I want to beat the game first. That, and his progression path can take a while if you’re in a hurry. These villagers are the new enemy types. You can roll into them and they will always be staggered. Another new enemy are these annoying little imp guys that can be hard to hit if you aren’t fast. They can hurt if you let them ambush you. But they don’t have a lot of health. Anyway, down here go outside first. Repair powder is exactly how it sounds. It repairs your weapon’s durability.

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