DARK SOULS™ III 2-4 pt 2 New Rings

That infuses your weapon with dark damage. Like the Deep Axe. I’m trying to get her to swing that stupid mace and fall down here. Flynn’s Ring is pretty good if you’re doing a challenge or don’t wearing a lot of armor. To some, its a crappy ring, I don’t mind it But there will be a point in the game where I will no longer need the ring and start wearing armor again. Sometimes, I forget how many shards I have or need. To infuse your weapons with anything else like lightning or dark, you have to get the right coal. To infuse our weapons with heavy and sharp gems, the coal for that is in the next area. Alright, next episode is picking up the last goodies before the boss! Boss is easy if you know where to hit him. Giggity..

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