DARK SOULS III 2-2 Exploring

And we continue! These just apply a fire buff to your weapon. The enemies here are weak to fire but don’t waste these. Get firebombs and knives ready. Shit. Okay, see fat lady over there by the fire? Try not to aggro her yet until the others are taken care of. Oh, come on! Dammit, stay still! Here we go… That stupid mace has stupid range so be careful. There’s a few titanite shards you can pick up here. But I won’t be going any further. Remmi gotta speak to Thief Guy and upgrade her estus! Oh, Remmi thank the holy breastplate of Solaire that when your luck factor kicks in it really kicks in. Damn, not enough shards to upgrade.. oh well, we’ll get more soon. This time, ignore fat lady and head down here. Head over here and kill tweedle dee and tweedle dum first. There’s a hole where they are. Do not drop down. Those cage dudes, as you just saw, are weak to thrusting, giggity, weapons. Or anything with a pokey attack. See, the hole where the tweedles were waiting in this hall. They would’ve dropped down to ambush you if you went forward to fight shotel guy.

Do not get hit by swirling mass of dark stuff. It causes bleeding and I think staggers you for like two seconds. Oooh dodge! I gotcha! Whips are meh to me. I don’t use them. Bring it on, Miss Piggy! OWNED!! Aw no! GET IT GET IT GET IT GET IT Sharp gems increase your dex scaling. Hmm.. nope, not in this video..

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