Nothing happened between the last video and this! I just walked in here and this noodle-cake attacked me! This is also a good starting weapon provided you have the requirements. Okay, so where that dog is standing, thats where the cell key is. Over there, that table/anvil near the patrolling guy, thats the estus shard Right there, above Remmi’s head is where a titanite shard is. I’ll go back in the next vid to show you guys where to take the cell key. Send it back up in case I die. Take care of these guys first because if you summon the NCP with these guys around, the dumbass will die before you get to the boss.

Go here first and talk to the old lady to get a progression item. I can take on this boss solo, I have in my other video it took like two minutes, but I just want to show how different the boss can be if you bring people along. In my personal experience, the bosses I bring help to are like, “Welp, time for crap to hit the fan and go crazy.” Whereas if I go in solo, its fine. The third boss after this even easier then Mace Dog. However, it doesn’t mean that summoning for help is bad or wrong. Its just something I do once in a while because I’ve fought this guy too many times already and I want to move onto the next area. At best, the NCP helpers are meat shields. Its not like they do any real damage anyway. When he roars, back up and get ready to dodge. Do not block. You’ll see. He does this charge move and if you block it, it will stucklock you if you don’t have enough stamina.

And by the time you recover he hits you again. Huh, maybe not. Boss souls can be used to make boss weapons and special spells or rings.

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