Dark Souls 3 – The Greatest Build

Hello everyone, my name is Otzdarva, and today I’m going to show you how to make a great build Now, first of all, we’re going to need a high stability shield. Just pick anything, parrying is not essential, so forget about it Next up, I need just a spam weapon Eh, that could do maybe two patches ago, but we’ve got better things now Oh yes…

Twice the weapons for twice the damage, I guess And after the buff, we’ll be doing soo much bleed damage, it will be unreal And that’s it guys, that is – that is, um, the Great Build™ …right… See you next week Except, not really… Now that all the kids are gone… Get your ass ready… …for THE GREATEST BUILD™™™ [ G R E A T N E S S I N T E N S I F I E S ] wow lol look at this big skrub he doesnt even know whats coming to him no amount of shield can protect you from the Otz get Otz’d kid lol gotthard twinswords more like tryhard neckbeards lmao get obliterated you shampoo bottle boy put them dancer swords away or you’ll be dancing your way into your grave lol i dont even know why the police use that fake ass “mace” they should use this shit sharpening the knife to cut your grapefruit lookin ass in half looks like your greataxe wasnt great enough for this great build nerd haha black knight greataxe, more like you’ll get a black eye if you dont – C’mon Damn, one-shot This guy was pretty good though, lets try again you can’t hide from Otzdarva you silly giggledick back for more huh you silly rosebush eat shit you thorny toaster Fuck Alright I can’t give up just now, can I? [Exhale] Okay, let’s do it wow nice bleed build, did you get it from your box of Anor Lond – O’s What the fuck?! don’t worry Otz he’s just a dex nerd with a bleed build dont give up Oh, god, not this guy again Ah, he’s got a phantom as well Shit – Alright, maybe if – Okay, no I need to get out of here Okay, there’s another invader If I can just hold this guy here – Right, okay, plunging attack you better stop clapping sarcastically at my man Otz or im gonna clap your fucking ass stop it you shit Alright, this is my chance Oh – No, this area makes my game lag so much! [Incoherent struggling against the framerate] Stop it! No! Oh – Okay, still alive Still alive! Oh my god, they used a fucking Seed of a Tree of Giants on me This guy is not going for the boss, fuck Uh, okay, the – the blue Lothric Knight, maybe I can get to it Yes! Oh – No, game! Ple – No! Stop it! Noo, why?? what did i tell you you fucking gerbil im gonna get your ass with a sock full of butter Alright This can’t get much worse than this, come on [Compilation of casuls cheesing a victory from Otz] [Otzdarva slowly loses his sanity] by the way, don’t forget to subscribe to Otzdarva, or G.

Dad will come for your Dex Build.

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