Dark Souls 3 – System Requirements & Gameplay

Hello everyone and welcome to another brand new video. Today we will be talking about Dark Souls 3 and its system requirements. Dark Souls 3 is a dark fantasy, action, rpg game. It will be released on 12th April. In Dark Souls 3 you will be playing in a fantasy world against different dark monsters and enemies. The graphics look great. Also you will find a lot of different kinds of enemies and bosses. Now lets get down to the system requirements for Dark Souls 3. Surprisingly the system requirements mentioned in Steam are wrong. How do I know that? Well its because the game has already been released in Japan and the system requirements mentioned in the official Dark Souls 3 Japan site is different from that of steam. As the game has already been released there so the system requirements mentioned there should be the right one. Now lets talk about the minimum system requirements for Dark Souls 3. For OS you need to be on at least Windows 7 64 bit like most other games. Who still uses a 32 bit windows these days any way. For CPU the minimum requirements are Intel Core i3 2500 clocked to Ghz and AMD FX 6300 clocked to Ghz.

Core i3 2500 is a dual core processor with hyper threading from the 2nd generation and FX 6300 is a six core processor from AMD’s side. Another game coming out with a minimum CPU requirement of a Core i5. But all these games run just fine in a Core i3 at decent settings. I don’t know the reasons. Let me know what you guys think in the comments section. But anyway lets continue. The minimum and recommended memory requirements are 8 gigabytes. The prices of memory have gone down so much that 8 gigabytes shouldn’t be a problem and almost everyone have them. For GPU you have the GTX 750ti from Nvidia and HD 7950 from AMD.

HD 7950 is similar to the newer R9 280 in performance. R9 280 is much powerful compared to GTX 750ti. So its clear that the game is more optimized for Nvidia. So the game has decent minimum GPU requirements and will be hard to run. You are going to need 20 gigabytes of hard drive space for the game. Compared to many other games 20 gigabytes of space is not a lot for current games. Now lets move on to the recommended system requirements for Dark Souls 3.

For CPU the recommended requirements are Intel Core i7 2600 clocked to GHz and AMD FX 8350 clocked to 4 Ghz. Core i7 2600 is from the second generation and FX 8350 is a octa core CPU from AMD’s side. So the game seems to run much better even on older Intel systems. For GPU the recommended requirements are GTX 970 from Nvidia. The devs at Dark Souls 3 didn’t even bother to recommend a AMD GPU. But R9 390 should be the recommended one. So the recommended system requirements for Dark Souls 3 are very decent. You expect requirements like these for current games. Dark Souls games have been great in the past and I expect Dark Souls 3 to be great as well. If you want to pre order the game cheap then make sure to use the link in the description.

You can pre order the game much cheaper compared to the steam price of 60 dollars. If you like the video make sure to hit that like button and subscribe to help me cultivate a better pc gaming community. I am AbsTechie and see you later.

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