Dark Souls 3 – Plunging Attacks in PVP: Do’s and Don’ts

Hello friends, this is Otzdarva and today I present to you the second episode of Do’s and Don’ts for Dark Souls 3 PVP. In this one, we’re gonna have a look at plunging attacks. Plunging attacks are a surprisingly straight-forward mechanic. All you have to do is drop down to your target, press R1 mid-air and you’ll stick them with your weapon, dealing massive damage. You can perform plunging attacks with most weapons, but it doesn’t work with shields… catalysts… any sort of bow… whips…

Or the torch. To obtain a better grasp of how plunging attacks work in this game, we have to have a better understanding of what gravity really is. When we drop an object, the force of gravity pulls it towards the ground. As it falls, the object accelerates but not forever, mind you, as it eventually reaches the terminal velocity. The terminal velocity marks the moment when the air resistance doesn’t let the object accelerate anymore. Cats, for instance, don’t have a very fast terminal velocity. That’s why they can fall from very high places and not really hurt themselves. But anyway, umm… How does this really connect to the mechanics of the plunging attack in Dark Souls 3? It actually doesn’t.

It seems that all the Ashen Ones are wearing invisible parachutes that slow down their acceleration. In other words, all plunging attacks do the same damage regardless of what height you dropped from. But hey, umm, what about those super-crazy plunging attacks that you could pull off in the previous games? Uhh, you can still do those in Dark Souls 3, right? Well, umm, I’m just gonna let the footage speak for itself. So yeah, as a final “fuck you” to all the people that used to have fun in this game, plunging attacks are no longer performed if your character dies from the fall damage, which is the saddest thing in this game yet. But anyway, let’s… let’s get this over with… If after hearing all of this you still wanna perform plunging attacks, hmm, use high attack rating weapons and buff them whenever you can. I’ve also found that strike damage weapons seem to have a bit of an edge when it comes to damage, but that’s nothing major.

Also, if you already meet the requirements for the weapon, don’t bother to two-hand it, it doesn’t really change the damage. And yeah, since dropping from a high place doesn’t really give you any benefit, uh… just try to play it safe and don’t have too much fun in general. And that will be everything for today. I know this episode was a litte bit depressing, but don’t worry guys, I’m pretty sure the DLC will fix it… Right?.

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