Dark Souls 3 Dragonhead Shield: King of Utility – The Ring City Weapon Analysis Series

Those of you who have been following this channel for more than 2 weeks know that I’m very soft when it comes to shields in Dark Souls 3. Hell, Black Knight shield is probably my favorite weapon and I have the most fun when I’m using it. Turns out FROMSOFT know about my love to the shields, so they’ve decided to give me a little gift, because the new Dragonhead Shield introduced with the Ringed City DLC is something right off of my wishlist. So naturally today we are continuing the Weapon Analysis series, inspecting the reasons why Dragonhead Shield is so much fun to use… and well what’s the best use for it. Before we start, I have to say that despite me being super in love with it right off the bat, I don’t think it’s a super uber META weapon – it won’t change the balance in PvP and its definitely not the easy-cheesy cancer item…

But oh boy, it’s fun. So what makes it so valuable? Defenses? Stability? Technically – neither. Sure, it has great fire defense for that kind of a shield but it still loses to BKS when it comes to tankieness, fire defense aside – it has nothing, it doesn’t even block 100% of physical damage. Well, what about stability then? Nothing good here either, it’s pretty mediocre.

It is a pretty mediocre shield and there is nothing anyone can do about it. At this point it is obvious that poor defensive capabilities are not doing it any good and you’re probably wondering what’s so special about it. The answer is simple – its WA. The Dragon Breath. It has so many cool properties… First lets inspect the basics, the moment you push WA button the Dragonhead Shield sends an arc of flame covering a hefty bit of everything in front of you… but it’s not that simple – it has lingering hitbox and it covers a lot of space. This means that its a perfect tool to catch rolls without wasting much effort. Land two hits with your mainhand weapon and go with a shield WA instead of an extra hit. There is a good chance your opponent will screw up and get hit by the flames. When it hits, it does hit surprisingly hard.

It scales pretty well with faith, but even with base stats it does surprising amount of damage per tick… and the more hits you land – the more damage you can dish. This means that it can be a viable option for trading… nailing the breath up-close can deal some serious amount of damage. Speaking of trades… did I mention that it has blockframes on WA? Because it does! It’s not really that fast on startup, but once you get into animation – you are blocking all of the incoming damage. Again, it can be really good for trades, yet it requires precise timing since its not that fast.

Speaking of its offensive capabilities, it’s an excellent combo starter. It can be tricky and a lot of its success depends on the distance between you and your opponent, but if you do everything right – it can serve as an excellent combo starter. As you can see, somehow, someway, I am able to combo whole 3 hits using Estoc and Dragon Breath as a starter. So, you can use it to setup trades, catch rolls and start combos… it just adds an amount of utility to your setup and I’d consider it to be a real deal when it comes to stuff like Estoc setups, because it might just be as good as Avelyn or BKS when it comes to off-hand shenanigans. All in all, mediocre when it comes to its defensive capabilities but a very unique and excellent tool when it comes to its offensive capabilities, Dragonhead Shield spices up the usual everboring Dark Souls 3 PvP quite nicely. If you have any question regarding this setup or you just want to share your own setup that involves Dragonhead Shield you are free to start a discussion in the comment section.

Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time!.

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