Crafting the best Pyro/Miracle PvP setup in Dark Souls 3 – Let’s talk Lightning Arrow & H.A.T tech

A week ago I’ve talked about HAT tech aka hyper armour transfer that works with the brand new Lightning Arrow miracle, which makes your life a lot more fun if you into that kind of stuff. So today naturally we focus a bit more on Lightning Arrow and the build you can set up around it. LA on its own is not really fast on startup – you can’t just like mash it and get the trade… however since its a ranged spell and a relatively quick when compared to the likes of Soul Spear of WoTG – you can start it and use it as a bait.

Once you nock the arrow releasing it takes no time, which grants you an easy trade… but wait, you can also use hyper armour with it. Using HA to cast LA turns ‘an easy’ trade into ‘guaranteed trade’. At this point the only question you should be asking yourself is whether it can win trades for you? The answer is yes, it can win trades pretty damn well.

With 60 faith and a ring – you get enough damage to outtrade anything that isn’t GS/UGS – which is very important since having enough damage on LA protects you from hit and run trades with weapons like Washing Pole. So, as long as you’re not facing some giant huge HA weapon you can safely zone out – nock an arrow and bait the trade. Now this is an obvious problem, technically – you do win the trade, but only for the first hit. Since LA doesn’t combo, it allows your opponent to start a combo and eventually win the exchange if he is using something that has HA, like GS. This is where HAT tech kicks in.

It allows you to combo something along with LA so that any encouter can be resolved in your favor. Simply adding Black Flame to the equation solves all of your problems when facing weapons with HA. You nock the arrow and bait a hit, release the arrow whenever your opponent starts attacking and then follow it up with a black flame abusing the hyper armour transfer. This allows you to outtrade heavy weapons in plenty of cases, however if your opponent is smart and doesn’t commit with GS – if he just swings once and retreats – the trade wont be in your favour. So, you have to work a bit to mindgame them. For what its worth, this setup allows you to apply insane amounts of pressure. You just nock the arrow and let your arena opponent panic roll… good thing you can roll ONLY 14 times in this game. Facing this setup in PvP is actually as fun as using it. If you want to beat this setup you have to play pretty smart and apply the pressure, try to do your best to not let LA user to get into HA frames.

In right hands, even simple solutions can be super effective – like having a bigger projectile spell or mircale to trade with it so that you don’t zone in to face Black Flame… in order to counter this as a LA user you have find it a better HAT pair, which is pretty fucking fun. Another good counter is shield, if you can neglect its damage – the bait becomes irrelevant. FROMSOFT did a lot to spice the game for the release of 2nd DLC and I still think that some of those changes are very questionable… but introduction of LA and the fact that it works with HAT tech makes miracle/magic setups a lot more viable and actually competitive…. oh yeah and FUN, its actually fucking fun.

Nothing makes me giggle more than seeing arena pros go full panic and spam roll only to get rekt as soon as they go for an opening. So yeah, feel free to experiment with it, if you have any questions regarding LA setups – let me know – I’ll do my best to answer it. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you next time!.

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