This map will improve your aim (CS:GO)

Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallå gubbar, Maxim here. My bro Jesper has released a new aim map that I will link in the video description so you can download and try it for yourself, and wow, it’s quite frankly one of the best training maps I’ve played. If you need help installing the map check the video description, but now let’s get into it. So you begin inside this circular room where you can customize your practice with the tools that are on the wall here. When you’re ready to practice just jump on the middle platform. Here’s a tour on how the map works and how you can customize it to your liking. In the first window you can choose different challenges. Challenges are basically presets made by Yesber for you to practice different types of styles. If you choose for example one-taps, it will disable some of the tools to enable the one-taps challenge. For now I’m going to show you how to fully customize your training and choose custom. In the next window you can choose the size and the distance of where the bots should spawn. For now I’m just going to keep this simple and customize it so the bots only spawn in front of me and not too far away.

So what makes this map so special is that Jesper has worked long and hard on a very advanced spawn algorithm for this map. But Maximuh, what good those it do? This basically means that the bots will spawn at unpredictable but very intelligent positions in order to really help improve your aim. Here’s where you can customize the goals of the challenge. For this example I’m going to pick 20 kills but if you really want good practice before a competitive match, I would recommend 50 kills, see the results you get and try your best to improve several times. Now the first option here let’s you decide if you want to play normally, headshots only or no headshots. This one let’s you decide if you want the bots to stand still, move sideways or move sideways randomly. This basically allows you to play against bots from different heights.

This will make the bots use kevlar, kevlar/helmet or no kevlar at all. This one’s very important as it let’s you decide how many bots you want spawned at the same time. If you have a full circle then this is the number of bots that will spawn. BTW the map performs very well with bots and my FPS is high, but if you’re experiencing some issues, lower this setting. This let’s you decide if you want the bots to face you, show their backs, or make it random. Next window is a sweet little gun menu to let you buy whatever you need for the practice, so if you want deagle for example choose pistols and deagle. Here are the final settings for the map. First one removes the roof. Second one puts walls in front of you to make practice a little different. The third button opens up the console and provides you with all the necessary commands and shortcuts, including some other cool stuff that you might wanna use.

And the last button disables the ambient background noise on the map. Now if we try to play an actual challenge of 20 kills I’ll show you how it looks right after. Another cool feature of this map is the built-in database. This means that all your stats and progress are saved and will be loaded each time you start the map which is very unique feature and a great way to see improvement in your practice. At the end of the challenge you will see your results. KPM stands for Kills Per Minute which is a value that shows how fast you’re killing bots and it updates real time.

My aim is really rusty atm but you could basically use the KPM value to determine when you’re ready to play a competitive match. For me, I feel ready when I get at least 60 KPM for the One Taps challenge with the AK, that’s when I believe I’m ready but your way of thinking can obviously be different from mine. So guys I can highly recommend this map, you will be challenged and your aim will be improved. I’ll give it 10 out of 10 bananas. Also, if you wanna see what’s happening behind the scenes of BananaGaming and see my boring life and food pictures you can follow me on Twitter & Instagram, I’ll see you guys soon, and go bananas!

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