Hey guys, Maxim here. This video is a bit special because I received this box from Fadecase today. How cool would it be if you had items and skins from the game but in real life. Fadecase if you didn’t know specializes in gadgets and knives for CS:GO. You can actually get collectible knife replicas. So let’s check this out together and see what’s inside. First up, here’s some stickers, more on that later. Let’s start with one of the knives, this seems to be a flip knife. I love how they packaged the knife it feels exclusive. Can you guess which skin it is? I really like how vivid the colors are and it really feels like a quality product. Good stuff. Next up, we’re going to look at a karambit elite, can you guess the skin? It’s a little bit more goldish if you compare it with the in-game version but I like this version even more because it feels more genuine.

Now let’s look at the other karambit elite, again, can you guess the skin? It’s the same as one of the previous knives but it has a different look to it which makes it a little bit more unique. All right let’s open this box, I have no idea what’s inside so this will be interesting. Ah it’s a knife stand. Perfect, now that I’ve opened two karambits I’ll show you now how it looks with one of them. Very very neat and convenient for showcasing. Let’s continue and open this bigger box, it seems to be a knife but which one is it? Wow it’s an M9, and it sure looks awesome. It even feels good to carry, it has weight to it. I’m pretty sure you know the name of this skin and I’m pretty sure this is one of my favorite one so far. Anyway let’s continue. Eyy what’s this, it’s a cute little Counter-Terrorist, hopefully my cat will leave it in peace.

Here’s the last knife in the box, and from the shape of it, yep, a kitchen knife. Damn what a beauty, it’s by far the most beautiful kitchen accessory I’ve ever seen. It’s a brilliant idea to implement skin patterns to other types of knives and I really like what they did here. Okay let’s look at the rest of the stuff, these two seem to be key-rings let’s check them out, it’s a neat little thing that you can have around your keys and wait, what’s this, oh my gerd you can even use it as a lighter it’s brilliant. And this is the other version. Now let’s look at the Fadecase mousepad, it’s a sick looking cloth pad with stitched edges and the size is perfect for any gaming setup. The tracking on it is perfect and it works with any mouse.

All right so now let’s check out some of the stickers that were included. So in one of these packages you can get 1 rare shiny sticker and 9 common stickers. They are based off the stickers in the game. You can put them on your computer, on your monitor, basically anywhere. Oh and I’m a big fan of this particular one, and I got a couple more of these. Thank you Fadecase for sending me this, everything I got felt premium and well-made, I would definitely recommend Fadecase for anyone who wants to get some cool CS:GO related products. I’ll link them in the video description. Another thing I thought was pretty neat is that all knives are tagged with a unique code. Would I recommend getting one? Well for starters, they are ironically cheaper than the actual knives in the game, but that doesn’t stop them from being really good quality and they look amazing. So I hope you enjoyed watching this showcase, I’ll see you guys in the next video, go bananas!

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