My version of B execute on Overpass (CS:GO)

Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallå gubbar, Maxim here. In this video I’m going to show you a good way of executing B site on Overpass. First step is to have 1 guy connect, 2 guys monster and 2 guys short. Some people call it construction but I’m calling it short. Second step is to take over short. In the beginning of the round, one of the players going monster needs to hug this wall, aim above the pole halfway till you meet this and run-throw a moly.

That same player has to throw this flash.. It’s very important that this player successfully does these things. Cause this will make it easier for the other guys taking over short, anyway this is how it looks when you do it fast. Now on to the 2 players who are pushing short, the guy in front has to flash like this, peek here and peek the corner. Now you should have short control. Meanwhile the guy in connect has to make sure that he’s holding your flank. If he’s smoked out, he can always moly but more importantly tell his team that they can come from squeaky. When everything seems to cool down, advance to the last step which is the execute. To smoke bridge and moly pillar, aim here, and here. To smoke site and moly toxic, stand in this corner, aim at this corner and move all the way up to the wire for the smoke. For the moly, aim here, and like he smoke, go all the way up move forward while throwing.

If both players execute their smokes and moly’s it should look like this. If you’re coming from monster all you need to think about is flash as much as possible. You can also look up and do a middle throw flash as this will create a decent popflash. If you think someone’s to your right you can jump in the tunnel before going out to make yourself a harder target. Right now the execute is totally fine, but if you have one more player short with a moly and a flash, stand in this corner instead of this corner, aim here and here. Now, most of the important CT spots are gone. And if you need a bridge smoke you can do it easily like this. I suggest planting the bomb right here, and these after plant positions are good.

And if you still have one more moly in the team and no one’s connect you can throw my signature moly like this with a middle throw and this will burn anyone who’s trying to defuse. This was my first ever video on executing a site, let me know what you think about it. You can follow me on Instagram & Twitter if you would like to follow me behind the scenes, I’ll see you guys in the next video, go bananas!.

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