Hey guys, Maxim here. A CS:GO update of 60 MB was just released. What I really find interesting with this update and what I consider a big adjustment, is the fact that cl_draw_only_deathnotices no longer requires sv_cheats 1. This command is used to hide the hud but still keep the death notifications on, it’s often used together with montages or highlights. The fact that you can use it now without sv_cheats enabled is pretty cool because developers will now be able to utilize custom hud’s better and more efficiently.

If you’ve seen the PGL stream you will notice that they use a custom hud. It also gives you an FPS boost because the hud is removed. Another thing I really appreciate with this change is that you can customize if you want to show the radar and also if you want to show team id’s. This way you can play on a server without promoting it, or if someone’s being offensive you can hide, or if you simply just want less stuff on the screen. It goes very well together with surf and bhop servers when you just want to chill and you’re not really in need of the hud. I really think this is the best part of the update, but let’s continue. The other part of this update is for the gamemode Wingman where you play 2v2 competitively. It will be available after War Games has ended. There’s two new changes and I think they’re really good.

Number 1, you’ll be able to solo-queue which means you don’t need a teammate to join your lobby to play and number 2 you will be able to play Inferno and Cobblestone. But I have a feeling that they will most likely be remakes for Wingman to make them smaller. Another great addon is when you’re going solo you’ll have a higher chance of playing against other solo players and when you’re pre-mates you will have a higher chance of playing against other pre-mates. If you want some tips for Wingman Make sure you check out this video, if you haven’t already and make sure you know all the cool tips that I’ve mentioned in this video if this map ever comes up. So that was the update, hope you enjoyed the video, I’ll see you guys in the next one, go bananas!.

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