CS:GO Trading made useful, the next big thing!

Maxim here. Before I begin this video, TradeF1 are giving away a StatTrak™ Gut Knife Emerald to celebrate the release of their site which you will see in a couple seconds. To be part of the giveaway make sure you like the video and click the link in the video description. I feel like I’ve come across one of the best CS:GO website’s I’ve seen, in a while, which no, is not gambling. I want to show you a trading site that I’m partnered with and yes guys this is a sponsored video. I feel much better promoting these kind of sites on BananaGaming, as I feel that they’re convenient to use… especially this one, which again, is not gambling. This new site called TradeF1 which I’m partnered with, is unique, but in a very good way. Now you might look at it and say “Maximuh, it looks like any other trading site”. Here’s the thing, the main features is what makes this site unique, and it might actually make you wonder why this hasn’t been made earlier. First off, you know how most trading sites take a 5% fee by default or around 3.5% if you change your name to promote their website on your Steam profile? Well, this site has a different approach.

To begin, there’s no name bonus, the site actually has the lowest exchange rates by default, which is even better exchange rates than most other websites with their name bonus activated. This means that you will get some of the best trading deals, with losing close to no money. Everything is focused on being something you would want to use without feeling that you’re being robbed. This site really tries it’s best to be respected, as the team behind the website has its fair share of knowledge about the community, and what is needed. But theres more! What I also like about the website is that If you trade a $100 skin for a $90 skin, you get to keep the 10$ on the site to use for another trade. It’s easier to just show you how it works, so I’m gonna trade this with this which is obviously much much cheaper. The trade goes really fast, and when it’s done I will have a couple dollars in my balance that I can use for next time. With these low rates and balance system, you can tell that this website’s profits aren’t as high as the ones which do it for the money.

So not only do you get the lowest rates possible without promoting the site, you also get to keep whatever money you have left from a trade to get more skins. It’s really about, giving the community something it deserves. So guys make sure you share the site with other people looking to trade their skins to show them that there’s actually a trading site like this, which is fair. There are other features as well, one of them being that you can trade your skins for bitcoins (which is the worlds leading crypto currency), if you want, and the site will progressively udpate with new features and more skins. This has been under development for a long time, and for anybody wondering, no I do not own this site, I help promote it and I hope to do so more in the future.

So that was the video, hope you enjoyed it, links will be in the description. More videos will be out but you can always follow me on other social medias as well, such as Twitter and Instagram. I’ll see you guys in the next video, go bananas!.

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