Maxim here. So recently a lot of people have been talking about a jump bug. It was used under the major and some teams have even agreed not to use it against each other. But maximuh, what’s a jump bug? A crouch jump bug is when you hold in crouch, then jump then release crouch mid air to see higher up. The faster you release crouch the more you see. Not only do you see higher up and make no noise, you can find positions so the enemy doesn’t even see you. Here’s an example where I’m seeing the player from ruins, and here’s that player’s perspective. And here’s an example of pro’s using it (and yes they were okay with the bug being used). But hey, this is completely allowed to do by the rules set for the tournament, and yes you can also do this yourself without getting into any VACERINO issues.

The scary thing is however that there’s a couple areas on each map that this can be used on, so I hope Valve can fix this somehow. I’ll give you some examples just so you can see how sick this really is. First off, here on banana, you can get lots of info here without being seen. Another example is here on cobblestone, for b long. Here’s another example for when you’re trying to take over drop. On Cache you can do it by the highway position to peek garage. Here on nuke you can get info from outside, the same for Terrorist here. And this one even let’s you peek B halls on Train.

I did every single one without being seen from the enemies perspective. There’s probably many more positions you can do this on that I haven’t mentioned or even tried yet, but I wanted to make this clear to everyone, so next time you die from a prefire, you might know why. You can always follow me through other social medias to keep up to date with what I do, I’ll see you guys soon, and go bananas!.

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