Many people know about this but even more don’t, I think it’s worth having it in a separate post. To check your wear value follow those simple steps:

  1. Generate API key here
  2. Find your(or other person’s, it works!) Steam64 ID at
  3. Replace KEYHERE with your API key and IDHERE with your id64 and copy the address
  4. Go to your inventory, find your item and right click on it->copy url
  5. Paste it somewhere, last block of text after the underscore (_ symbol) is your item ID, copy that
  6. Open…… and find your item ID*
  7. Scroll down until you see ‘defindex 8’ and check the ‘float_value’
  8. The float is the wear of your weapon

Is your FN looks BS Asiimov/any other weapon BTA?

If it’s closer to the lower value CONGRATULATIONS, the winner is you.

0.44 – 1.00 – Battle-Scarred

0.37 – 0.44 – Well-Worn

0.15 – 0.37 – Field Tested

0.07 – 0.15 – Minimal Wear

0.00 – 0.07 – Factory New

*API servers are shit and you most likely will have to refresh the page quite a few times to load it

Video Tutorial by Hyena


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!