CS:GO – Change the C4 Code (Download Pack Included + Fun Fact)

So guys I finally have a public Discord server, if you wanna talk to me or chat with me, visit my new site at bananagaming.tv and click here, or check the video description. When you click the link, you need to sign up for an account, and then you can join BananaGaming’s official discord. Discord as you all might know is an all-in-one voice and text chat that you can use to chill and play games together with other people.

The best thing about it, is, you can do everything from your browser, and it even works on the phone, so make sure you check it out! Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallĂ„ gubbar, Maxim here. So this video will be about customizing the bomb code. “But Maximuh, this is old!” Yes, I know that there’s videos on this already, but by now you should know that I love customization and this channel is all about it. I’m still going to do it my own way and add a little bit more to the video of course. So the first person who actually found out that you could change the bomb code is known as AmitKilo who also got help from someone known as Chopper.

I’m gonna link their steam-profiles down below. If you wanna make a custom bomb code all you need to do is download the pack from the video description. Inside the pack you will find the custom bomb codes made by the og guys and some new custom bomb codes made by me. When you find the one you want to use, double click the file, install it, and you’re done. Changing the code is fully client sided meaning you’re the only one who will see the changes, but the good news, it’s 100% safe to use and you won’t get vac banned for using it. The fact that it works is because you’re changing a font on your computer which is the same font that is used for the numbers on the bomb. BTW have you ever wondered what the numbers mean? In my opinion, this is the best theory, if you translate the numbers to l33t speak you get tessbog.

Now if we assume that the last number, which is 8, is actually just the letter B, we get tessboB. Since the last letter is the only big letter, we need to turn it around so it becomes Bobsset. Now if we separate the word where there’s two S’s, we would get Bobs set. Notice how close that is to Bomb’s set, the only letter missing is the letter “M”. But wait, in Counter-Strike Source the c4 actually has an M symbol written on it. So if you add the “M” to the code it could very well mean “Bomb’s set”.

Anyway I thought that was cool but here’s how to change the code. In the folder “Make your own” you should see an installation file. Install the program called FontForge, you can also find it online if you don’t trust the exe file. And when it asks for a font, select the “C4 Font” inside the same folder. Select Yes in this window and you should see this screen. Now you need to replace the numbers from the bomb code with whatever you like, I’ve also placed the numbers inside the same folder in-case you forgot the code. At the top you should find 0-9. So let’s say we wanna have the word pizza. P has to be inside 7, I has to be inside 3, Z has to be inside 5, A has to be inside 6, and for the last two numbers which are 0 and 8, we can just add, blank spaces. When you’re done go to file – generate, make sure it’s set to TrueType here, and hit generate. There will be errors but ignore them. When you’re done you can install your new font and test it in-game. That’s it.

I also made sure to add the backup font in-case you want to reset everything back to normal. Make sure you follow me on other social medias as well to keep update with what I do, I’ll see you guys soon, and go bananas!.

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