CS:GO – AMD Profile Settings for Best Performance (FPS Boost)

Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallå gubbar, Maxim here. So I promised that I would make an AMD version of the Nvidia Control Panel settings for best performance. Thanks to LabiteQ for letting me borrow his PC. The most important features that you want to change for the profile graphics are in the video so let’s begin. First off, make sure you have the latest AMD drivers for your graphics card. Next, close the game and other unnecessary things that you have open. Now you should be able to right-click and access the control panel. From here it’s very important that you select CS:GO as the program you would like to customize and not Global Settings. If you use Global Settings you risk screwing up the performance for other games you’re playing. So in the profile graphics of CS:GO you want to change anti-aliasing mode to “Use Application Settings” so you can change the settings yourself in-game.

This next setting doesn’t really matter anymore because of the previous change, but for now select multisampling, it’s the eaisest option for your GPU. Morphological filtering is another type of anti-aliasing, for best performance, select Off. The anisotropic filtering mode is just like the Nvidia feature, and we want this to be off as it might help against distracting details in the game. Texture Filtering Quality, changes the texture quality to improve the game smoothness, and here you want to select “Performance.” Surface Format Optimization, this is an outdated feature and for CS:GO it doesn’t really do anything.

I’m just gonna leave it “Off”. Wait for Vertical Refresh is v-sync. For CS:GO it’s very important that you set this to “Off” because you want little to no input delay possible. OpenGL Triple Buffering is useless for the game, so you can turn it “Off”. Shader Cache, just like Nvidia, it depends on what your C: Drive is. If your C: Drive is a fast drive like for example an SSD, you should turn Shader Cache on.

Only turn it off, if your shader cache isn’t an SSD or if you have a slow-performing drive. I’m going to keep this “On” since the SSD is the C Drive. Also worth knowing, Shader Cache can have a really good impact on CS:GO. Tesselation Mode increases the in-game graphics by breaking larger polygons up into smaller pieces. Select “Use Application Settings” for best performance. Frame Rate Target Control is basically a frame rate limiter to make sure that your GPU isn’t overworking itself, so you really want this to be “Disabled” for maximum performance. So that’s the most important aspect of the AMD radeon profile settings for CS:GO and I hope I could help you guys out.

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