Hey guys, Maxim here. If you play with me or against on Mirage you will most likely see me on B. So I thought, why not make a video on 5 useful tips that YOU can use for when you’re holding B on mirage. These are tips that I myself use and if you like this video I could make it a series if you want, but anyway let’s begin the video. Tip 1, one of the best ways of holding B is to get info by jumping here. What I like to do that I don’t see many others do is crouch then jump and release crouch mid-air. This allows me to see B apps and the enemy can barely see me. Tip 2, if you’re expecting the enemy to eco rush b, you can throw a smoke in the left window instead of the right window.

This smoke will provoke the enemy team to rush B because it’s closer to the van. If the smoke is here instead then there’s a higher chance that they decide to change the plan. So basically your provoking an aggressive push here which means you will be able to shoot them through the smoke when they arrive. This tip should also be combined with a teammate to hold window for you. Careful not to stay out in the open cause they might shoot through the smoke. Tip 3, if you play on a 128 tick server you can jump on this barrel from this corner and get up really quickly to catch someone off guard. All you have is touch the corner of the barrel, run backwards and jump. The trick here is to not crouch, that’s when it works. However this does not work on 64 tick servers like Matchmaking, so you will not be able to do it there. But to my surprise I haven’t seen a lot of players do this and it’s very effective. Tip 4, if you move slowly up on these crates from this angle you can get up yourself and hold B apps. This angle is almost one-sided meaning the terrorist will have a hard time seeing you but you will see them clearly.

I use this position a lot and it’s very effective. You can also stick out a little bit on the left side until you get to about 1 square and a half, from here you can hold the left side of short pretty good as well. Tip 5, you can boost someone on this crate which is a very neat position to be in to surprise kill your enemies and it usually works very well if you’re 3 people on B. But what most people don’t know about this position is that you’re able to go out on the sides far enough to be able to peek short and even Window in B Apps. As a bonus tip, make sure that you’re not making any noise when you’re getting boosted. So these were my 5 tips for holding B on Mirage, hope you enjoyed them, I’ll see you guys in the next video, go bananas!

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