Hey guys, salut mes amis och hallå gubbar, Maxim here. Let’s continue the holding series with another 5 tips and tricks that you can use for mirage on a site. You seem to like these tips so here we go again. Tip #1, using the shadow position is very popular and it’s great for surprise kills, there’s some things you can do here that are very effective, you can smoke palace like this, you can also popflash ramp like this. Another thing I like to do is crouch here which sometimes mean that you won’t burn to death and most importantly you’ll be able to see tetris and catch someone off-guard.

Tip #2, there’s some cool things you can do to hold ramp, first off, this light from the lamp fades when a player passes in front of it, but some people don’t know that it also works through a smoke. This means that you can sometimes know when someone’s passing by. You can also do this brilliant one-way smoke where you stand in this corner, aim here, and this will land deep enough for you to see t roof. Very sweet if you want to surprise kill your enemies when they’re preparing smokes, but also be careful that they don’t rush you early in the round. Tip #3, with most crates on a site you can find some small gaps that are very useful if you want to kill enemies by surprise.

This one near firebox allows you to see a part of jungle and a part of connect, it’s very good if you smoke stairs. This one let’s you see connect and also short, if there’s no one ramp, then you can sometimes get a free kill with an awp here that you shoot through the crates. Tip #4, from ct spawn you can sometimes wallbang a player standing default, usually a guy planting the bomb. All you do is crouch in this corner aim next to this line of dirt and shoot carefully. You can also jump really quickly on the crate to catch the planter off-guard but he will usually be guarded by someone so be careful.

From CT Spawn you can also boost a player up this garbage bin, and I see so many people who stress and do it wrong, so here’s how you do it properly: First player jumps on the bin and crouches, second player who wants to get boosted, jumps from the side like this… This usually gets you at least one kill but you can also let the guy boosting you stand up and move to the right to see more of site. Tip #5, the last tip will be some positions that I really think are good, from here you can get an easy pick on palace but you need to switch between middle and palace or have someone hold from window. Being in default site is a perfect angle for palace and ramp. It’s very uncomfortable to play against that player and if you time your peeks properly you can get easy kills from here.

If you go all the way in to the corner of sandwich, the guy from palace will barely see you, and it’s a great off-angle. If no enemies are middle then this position is also very powerful. You can even boost someone to go bananas. If you want a neat popflash all you do is throw it in front of you like this and it will flash ramp and palace. It’s a very easy flash that I don’t see many people do. And lastly, you can crouch jump here which is something that many people don’t know and it allows you to check noob corner and also use it as a way to hold the site.

You can always follow me through other social medias to keep up to date with what I do, I’ll see you guys soon, and go bananas!.

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