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Hello, my dear viewers, this is Ceh9, and yet another video guide for de_Inferno. In this video we’ll be covering A site defense, where a lot of things have changed. However, the main defense type, a passive one, remains the same. You can use it, you should use it, and the most important thing is that a lot of teams play with 3 people on A, as they did before, but it’s even better with 4 people.

Generally holding 3 A + 2 B isn’t the best defense setup on Inferno, because even with 3 people it’s hard to hold against decent grenades from terrorists. But if you want to use 3 people here, with passive positions, you should use 2 players in Pit tactics. One of them checks Library, another player stands here in Pit and checks Balcony. But there is one thing about this strategy, one player must be turned away, and another player must check two positions. He checks Balcony and Truck side, but at first it’s better to play around Mid, throw smokes, Molotovs, hold off T’s, force utility out to control Mid, the less grenades they have, the less chance you will get flashed in the later stages.

So you should hold Mid for a while at the beginning of the round, throw grenades, maybe even push Apartments and make some noise there, throw a few flashbangs, HE, shoot and then retreat. After you’ve done that, Ts will be moving through Apartments very carefully checking every possible angle, because they heard a CT towards Apartments. But CT is already out of Apartments and two of them are holding defensive angles in Pit. One of them is playing an anti-flash position because Ts always flash Pit, and another one is peeking. When this CT gets blinded, the second one in the corner steps in, then the unflashed CT assists him. Remember, this spot is the most important one. Yes, this area always gets naded off, but it’s the most important spot, because you can stay alive behind this unbangable construction for a very long time.

Also, CTs often play from this box. You can climb up here by yourself, then just hold this angle and kill the coming Ts. Also you can throw a smoke like this and catch the Ts who are heading into Graveyard off guard. Also, you can hide here. The ideal setup is 2 CTs in pit, 1 in the bombsite, 1 towards Arch and provides information if Ts are wrapping to B. Why in Arch? Because he can always rotate over to Banana and help his teammate. But you need to understand that the solo player on B has to play very carefully and stay alive no matter what. If you want to play a 2+3 setup, then one CT needs to hold this angle and two in Pit. But bear in mind that Ts in Apartments will try to peek you, so make sure to keep your eyes peeled. Also, having a sniper on your team when playing Inferno is a viable thing, because, well, you can play without a sniper, but it’s really hard without one. In the next video we’ll go over common sniper positions.

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