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Hello, my dear viewers, this is Ceh9, today we have an interesting guide for de_canals, aka small Venice, a new map, recently released by Valve. The thing is we will see this map more and more often in MM, because it’s new and it’s integrated instead of Dust 2. It’s clear that no one will play it at pro level yet, but maybe we’ll see it one day. It’s rather interesting and nice map, it’s rather open, and I played it a couple of times already. I’d like to share my first impressions about holding B plant on this map. B plant is entertaining because terrorists approach it very quickly, among all bomb maps, on de_Canals terrorists reach B plant in 10-15 seconds, and they can plant already. After playing a while I understood that for CT side at least one player must run through this entrance upstairs, and control the bomb plant. What can he do? He can throw a Molotov or a smoke like this, but he must be careful, because terrorist can be here already.

What does terrorist usually do? He comes up the stairs, throws a smoke like this, takes the bomb and plants it. So if you hear the planting sound, you can shoot through the box, so you wouldn’t allow to plant the bomb. Also, once the smoke clears throw a molly, but keep in mind that you might get flanked from behind once you’ve reached B. T can easily flank you by going through T spawn and into this corridor.

That is, instead of going towards A, he’ll take a route up the stairs and will already be ready to backstab you. So make sure you have someone watching your back. Actually, the player who holds A can do that. He can play this angle to make sure no one’s flanking you, then change his position to watch A from the window. To hold entrances to A you need to have a strong sniper somewhere here. At first, he holds this angle, then he peeks towards long, without closing the distance, of course.

As for flashbangs, I tried different timing flashes and discovered that you can rush A as T off this one. You just rush forward, right click a flash, it pops and flashes the whole area towards the bomb site. And of course all CT’s who hold this angle, that is usually smoked by them, will get blinded. Once again, in my opinion, the person who stops B rush is arguably the most important role. The second one is an AWPer who can play in this postion. From here it’s really easy to shut down rushing enemies with an AWP. And also, don’t forget about this passage that T’s can often use to get to A. So you might want to have someone watching this area. He can just hold this angle without moving much, or play with an AWP from this position, or from here. But again, it is preferable to hold B exactly as I showed you. I hope you found this guide useful. Don’t forget to like the video and subscribe to Na`Vi channel. See you next time, bye-bye.

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