To start off a tier list is NOT a what beats what list, or a i use this and win all the time list. It is a ranking of the cards in the game based on their general effectiveness and the offensive and defensive options they have. A low tier card may still be a good choice depending on the type of deck you are running.


Definition of each tier:

S tier: This card is hard to counter, versatile, and can easily be used to great effect (either offensively or defensively) with little to no support. Their strengths easily account for their weaknesses (if any). These cards define the meta-game.

A tier: These cards are either versatile, or capable of performing one role to great effect. However, they may have a major flaw, such as having a high elixir cost, being too easy to counter, or having a low amount of health. These cards are staples in the meta-game.

B tier: These cards require some support to be effective because of its flaws.

C tier: this card has multiple flaws, and has very limited effectiveness without a considerable amount of support.

D tier: this card should only be used in niche situations because of its numerous flaws and/or is completely outclassed by another card.

The current tier list (please suggest fixes!!!).

NOTE: this list is assuming you have reached arena 7/8. more arena specific tier lists could be done as well if you guys are interested (let me know!)

S: (in no particular order)
-Baby Dragon
-Elixir collector
-Spear Goblins

-Ice Wizard
-Hog rider
-Dark Prince
-Inferno tower
-Minion Horde
-Giant Skeleton

-Bomb tower
-Goblin Hut

-Barbarian Hut
-Skeleton Army
-Royal Giant
-Mini Pekka
-Goblin Barrel
-Three Musketeers

Please help this tier list become as accurate as possible! If you feel a card should be moved up or down on this list say so and explain why!


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!