Top 5 Clash of Clans Tips You Didn’t Know!

What’s up guys Judo Sloth here and welcome to the top 5 clash of clans tips that you didn’t know. Let’s aim for 350 likes on this video which would be my most ever and if you do know each one of these tips please drop me a comment below, I will be very impressed. Kicking off with number 5. No matter how far you move up the clan chat instead of scrolling all the way back to the bottom, click the clan button, next to global, to take yourself right back to the most recent message. You can also quick scroll through the chat for donations. Check out the green !. You can click that to scroll up, or down the chat, to any unfilled donations. Moving forward to number 4. Perhaps you want to share your own player tag or clan tag on the forums, reddit, social media sites, and instead of screenshoting and manually typing this out, you can click the code itself to copy it to the clipboard.

You can then paste this to your desired location. Skipping right ahead to number 3, might not change your strategy drastically but definitely worthwhile knowing. You can clone troops to the opposite side of a wall. Just make sure to get the center and the bulk of the spell to the desired spawn point. Notice how my Giants and Bowlers are just within the radius of the spell, and then they pop up on the other side of the wall, in this case right smack bang in the core. They can start tearing things up and taking down them high damage defenses which gives my other troops time to break in. Perhaps your troops are even walking around the side, why not clone some more, in the core. Moving up to number 2. This has been a lifesaver for myself, you can see that I’m clan-less.

Maybe you’ve been farming in the lower leagues, if you’ve gone to visit a different clan it used to be a nightmare to move back across. As you can see I don’t have enough trophies to join my clan. In the past you had to message your friend, have them drop the trophies, quickly joined so you don’t get spammed with requests, now all that has changed with the addition of the friend feature. As long as you have at least one of the clan leaders within your friend list, just have them send you an invite. No more messing around changing trophies, as you can see I can join with nowhere near the required trophies. Moving across to our number 1 of the top tips you didn’t know in clash of clans. You can drag a building over the top of another of the same size to make them automatically change place within your layout.

I think this is a neat little feature. Perhaps you’re farming for a particular resource, you could easily swap the storages to protect one over the other. This will also allow you to switch many defenses around, if you start to upgrade one, that will be doing nothing, so swap it across easily to the edge of your base. And that finishes up your top 5 clash of clans tips that i’m sure many of you didn’t know. Have you got any others you think people won’t have seen. Drop them in the comments section below to help out other viewers. I’ve been your host Judo Sloth, make sure to subscribe for more clash of clans and until next time, peace out guys! Stay tuned for more CoC..

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