Personal Review: CoC Builder Base


Now that we are a bit into the BHB update and things gettjng underway, just wanted to drop my opinion on the game.

(Opinion: Won’t necessarily agree with me at all points)

BHB introduced us to a real time raiding style, each player attacking each other at the same time, with a smaller base and army compared to the much larger main base one…that’s all I can say. It seems for me to be just like normal Clash albeit attacking at same time with different army. The loot reward per match is decent, but getting three clean wins is in itself hard, however getting that bonus (pretty much a star-bonus which is bland for me) is helpful for building your base. Speaking of which…

The new base does offer a bit more new-ness to the game. Changeable AT and Double Cannon are actually very unique, Crusher is strong, albeit a pain to deal with on attack. Things go a bit down for me however. Guard Post is just the BHB Clan Castle essentially on defense, Firecrackers are just ADs, and the Multi-Mortar gives me a vibe of a ground-target only Wizard Toward. Walls, however, I enjoy being sectional pieces as they add a layer of strategical depth for bases.

A shed of light comes with the uniqueness of the troops, and I rather enjoy their abilities. They bring new strategy to the game, as well as a wide new array of tactics. However, I would have to nag at the A.I. of a few troops as they would rather hit an Army Camp than the Builder Hall. So here things seem a bit more positive.

And now the créme de’la créme. Compared to the main base, matchmaking is just hoping you don’t get the very next BH level than yours. Of course it is evident of matchmaking issues that they will be fixed, but even then it appears the weights of troops and defenses are very uneven.

Gearing-Up is a nice addition for a form of link between main base and second. Albeit only one defense can be geared and only three Gear-Ups are available. Perhaps we can see more in the future, maybe a bounce from target to target Tesla or something along those lines. Training times are quick so a small plus, but not much else to offer.


Summary: The Builder Hall definitely adds a new mix to the game. New troop mechanics, buildings, and what-not add a different element. However, the base is let down by a lack of “hmpf” and interesting detail, as well as creative features and major technical issues. Many updates are obviously coming, but for me I will probably stay away from it and hope something exciting breaks the ice for either BH or the main. I do have faith that Supercell will finr a way to invigorate some more life into this update.



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