Clash Of Clans Hybrid Beatdown/Control Decks


Hybrid decks are becoming more popular. The purpose of Hybrid decks seeks to balance Offensive potential, Defensive potential & Counter-push potential.

With a Beatdown you want to be able to build powerful pushes that are hard to prevent them of inflicting tower damage.

Control decks are highly defensive decks that rely on counter-pushing, turning a defensive stand into an offensive push.

To make the Control side of the Hybrid deck work you have to forgo highly risky cards mainly used to enhance beatdown pushes. This means avoiding choosing cards like Mirror, Clone, Heal, Freeze & Rage.

To make the beatdown side of the Hybrid deck work, you have to forgo cards that lack power or versatility. This means avoid choosing one & done cards such as Zap, Log, Fireball, Ice Spirit, Fire Spirits, Arrows & Rocket. These are inefficient elixir cards because once you deploy them, they can’t continue defending or attacking. If you can’t use these cards with precise placement and timing you can easily make negative Elixir trades that leave you in the Gray, while your tower gets flattened.

Spells that are the exception are Tornado, Poison & Lightning. As they have more attributes that makes them more versatile.

Elixir efficient cards and synergy.
With Hybrid decks you mainly want cards that are more resistant to spells. If you defend with cards that can survive most spells then you are able to drop a tank in front of your half dead defensive cards and counter-push with them. You also want cards that synergize well together. For instance Executioner or Wizard synergize well with Tornado. Lumberjack synergizes well with Balloon. Dark Witch synergizes well with Lava Hound, Hog synergizes well with Valkyrie and so on. .

The point of a Beatdown/Control Hybrid is to attain a balance that gives you good potential in all 3 categories of Defending, Counter-pushing & Offensive push building.

There’s 3 basic cards to keep in mind when building a hybrid B/C Deck.

True Tank: You need 1 true tank to build pushes behind.

Mini-Tanks: You need 3-6 Support troops that are in the HP range of 600 – 2000.
Ideal range is 700 – 1500 HP. These are your spell resistant support/defensive troops.

Versatile Spells: You need 1 or 2 spells in your deck that can be used in a lot of different ways.
Spells that fall in this category are Tornado, Poison, Lightning, Graveyard & sometimes Goblin Barrel, Fireball & Arrows.
Some spells IMO are too risky or too weak to meet the criteria. Not only is Rocket expensive, it’s also not responsive, Rocket deploys too slowly for how much Elixir it costs. Log not only doesn’t do much damage, it can’t target air like Arrows can.
Rage Freeze & Clone can only make an offensive push stronger at the cost of taking up a slot in your deck that could be used on a versatile support troop.


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!