Clash Of Clans Top 5 Attacks for Builder Hall 6 – Strategy Tips and Advice

The following is my personal top 5 and I appreciate that this will differ for many people but I wanted to try and give people a few different attack strategies because you might see bases that are perfect for a particular strategy and not another. The more options in your tool kit, the better your chance of winning. The video features an attack of each strategy and provides visual tips but I have gave a written summary below. I hope it helps some of you!


Top 5:

5 – Mass Archer –
A great strategy that will always yield you the high percentage one star but especially when point defences are on the outside of the base you can easily take them out with Archers and attempt to swarm the rest of the base. Watch out for the Multi Mortar, it is the main threat to Archers and the Battle Machine will be used to tank and try and take it down.

4 – Baby Dragons – A solid strategy and in the hands of a good attack can often result in the 3 stars. You will want to use the Battle Machine and perhaps even Cannon Carts or Night Witches, anything really, as a kill squad. Depending on the base will depend on what troops you take for this and what you can take out but the Air Bomber is probably the biggest defence you want to target. Firecrackers and Archer Towers, especially short range would be other defences to note.

3 – Baby Minion – Takes the number 3 spot due to its popularity and ease of use. It can be used across a variety of bases to bring in Baby Dragons followed by a lot of Minions. In general you want to take 2 camps of each but watch out for the Air Bomber and Roaster, they will take down Minions quickly. It will depend on the base but you might be able to use the Battle Machine for this or, in most cases, you will want to save him until the end to make a final push for the Builders Hall, or use for percentage on the other side of the base.

2 – Barb Rush – One of my favorites and a close contender for the top spot, probably top at BH5 is the Barb Rush. I find a lot of bases attempt to defend air troops and if you can path away from the Crushers it will may be a good base for the Barbarians. You will need to take one camp of Bombers and maybe even a camp of Archers or Minions to help with percentage or the Funnel but if you can get to the Builders Hall without hitting a Crusher, the Barbs will get it down quick. You do have to have precaution over the Multi Mortar and Roaster but with surgical deployment you can outplay them in a lot of cases.

1 – Night Witches –
Taking the top spot for me personally is the Night Witches. They are massively popular and so easy to use – check out the video! A lot of people will place them in one corner to allow them to spawn more Bats. Just watch which direction they are walking and tank for them with the Battle Machine, try to get him in range of the Multi Mortar to tank for that as the priority. Sometimes I will take a camp of Giants if I feel I need to more troops to tank, and sometimes I’ll even take a set of Bombers if I can easily target key defences with the Battle Machine from using them or easily access the Builders Hall.


Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!