Which ground troop will be best at taking out the double cannon! What is going on guys Judo Sloth here and welcome to my latest clash of clans video where we are going to take each and every one of the ground troops and face them off against the double cannon. If you guys haven’t already make sure to subscribe to the channel using the button below this video, that’s the only way to stay up to date with all of my clash of clans content and clicking the notification bell next to that button will mean you get notified when any of my videos go live. So which troop do you think will win this challenge guys. We’re going to skip over the goblin and the wallbreaker just because of their mechanics and AI being a bit more difficult to control, but make sure to drop me a comment below this video on which troop you think will win this challenge. I’m personally going for the Pekka. What we’re going to do guys is use 15 healers alongside the ground troop and in order to make this fair and a little bit more competitive, any troops that are 5 or below in troop capacity we’re going to take 10 troop space for that troop.

So for the barbarian we’re going to take 10 barbarians, for the hog rider for example we will take 2 hog riders and equal 10 troop capacity. So with that being said let’s go ahead and get into the first troop then, the barbarians, and find out how they do against the double cannon. So here we are guys 15 healers 10 barbarians, what do you think will they take this down, I’m not too sure whether the cannon will have enough firepower or whether the barbarians will get taken down quick enough, let’s just find out. The cannon tearing up into them already, the healers not doing much here but the barbarians are getting it close, they have gone and done it guys and whoa all of them are off to the spring traps, not a single barbarian survives that one but they got through that double cannon quite easily and I think there was probably a about half of them that survived that challenge.

So let’s go ahead and get rid of the Barbarian so they don’t go trying to trip up the archers and take the victory from them, and let’s cook up ten arches and go ahead and do the exact same thing to see whether the archers can take down this double cannon. So in with the healers first to make sure that they’re in and ready for the archers. Here they come, all ten of them flying in again the double cannon absolutely deadly wiping them out here, healers even aren’t doing very much but it’s not enough, there are five again of the archers that survived but one of them sneaks through the springtrap valley of death so the archers I would say, probably even took down that cannon a little bit quicker.

I think the archers are in the lead, any of you guys that said barbarians in terms of winning this challenge, unfortunately I think they’ve already lost. What do you think, will the Giants go ahead and get this I’ve got a good feeling about the Giants, they are definitely not going to get taken down from this double cannon it just depends on how quickly they can take it down. So the healers are in, here come the Giants. That double cannon starts off, gets the Giant down a little bit but the healers take it right back up to full health, not an issue in terms of being taken out but they’ve only got the cannon down to half health.

It is going quite slow here for the Giants so I think on that basis, the archers very much still are in the lead, but a giant does sneak past them springtrap’s and get through that little extra area there. So the archers very much still in the lead. let’s get rid of them Giants and see which troop is up next, it will indeed be the wizard. Now I got a good feeling for the Wizards but the only thing I worry about is that they only have eight troop capacity here because if we were to take one extra wizard it would go over the rule of 10 troop capacity. So let’s see how the two of them do, will the healers keep them up that’s the only question. Oo the Cannon goes to work straight away and the Wizards are down. That cannon is looking very smug, overlooking the gravestones whilst the healers look on and can’t do a thing.

So the Wizards are the first troop which falls victim to the double cannon and is not able to take it out, so at this point guys, the archers are still very much in the lead. We’re moving on to the Pekka, which is like I said, I think, got a good chance at taking this challenge. So in with the healers to start with ready for the Pekka, here he or she or whatever it is comes. Cannon going to start getting into work any second, no question that the Pekka is going to survive this, takes it down in two shots, was a little bit slow though.

I think definitely quicker than the archers, the archers are now not in the lead. I think the Pekka very much took that one. So we now have the Pekka leading this challenge but we’ll just have to wait and see, there are still plenty of troops left guys. We move on to the miners, who get the opportunity to take two troops in order to equal that 10 troop capacity. So here we are then in with the healers again ready for the miners, let’s bring them in right from the corner and just watch them come all the way down to the cannon. The healers already on them, making sure that they’re right on full health as they pop up to start taking out the double cannon. So here they go. they’re up. the healers are on them, cannon doing quite a bit of work but it’s not going to take down the miners, and I think that was pretty close guys I think, they snuck straight past that valley of death as well straight down to where the Town Hall is but then they get taken out by this inferno tower.

I think I’m tempted to say that the miners did better than the Pekka there because they took that out with ease. The Pekka maybe did get it off a little bit quicker, a little bit hard to say, I personally want to give the victory to the miners they’re only taking ten troop capacity versus the 25. Any of you guys that said miners, I would say you’re in the lead right now because definitely the miners was less than half troop capacity, much more impressive there. So we’re going to go with the miners guys in terms of at the moment, they’re in the lead.

Let’s see how the hog riders fair against them. So the healing hog riders, here they come, healers all over them, kind of going to work that first hog rider nearly went down but the healers get it back up, that was pretty quick too guys. One of them gets past the spring traps. I think the miners still just about took that I’ve got to be honest I think the miners took that down a little bit quicker but it was definitely close. That was very close and the Valkyries, again they have eight housing space so we only get to take one Valkyrie here because if we took anymore, they would go over the 10 troop capacity rule that we’ve made.

So the Valkyries unfortunately may indeed be at a disadvantage here having even less troop capacity but who knows she might come out on top. So here she comes to the double cannon, swinging away at it, the healers managing to keep her up it’s pretty quick for a single troop, we’ve got to be honest, but that is not going to be enough to take the victory, the miners and the hog riders still very much quicker there. I think what we’ll do guys is when we get to the end, we’ll maybe have a head-to-head against the miners and the hog rider, maybe just have one of each and see which one will come out on top because that was too close to call.

Any of you guys that have said miners and hog riders in the comments below, you are definitely in the lead right now. Here comes the golem, no, definitely no question that this troop isn’t going to go down, I mean it is going to go down, it’s definitely going to stay up guys it’s just how quickly the golem can take out the cannon. So as it comes forward then the cannon ready to start locking on trying to do some work but them 15 healers, this cannon is toast, it has no chance. Actually though guys as we look at this, the Golem is just taking way too long to take out this Cannon.

The hog riders and the miners had this down by now and they were moving forward, so the golem, very impressed in terms of amount of health left over, no question that the golem would have been top, but just not quick enough to win this challenge. So the golem again takes down the cannon. Unfortunately we’ve only had the Wizards which have fell victim to the cannon at this point. Again the witch, now they have 12 housing space so definitely not able to take more than one witch, now this could be interesting guys because the witch, when it spawns the skeletons might give it a bit of a chance here against the cannon, we’ll just have to wait and see how quickly we think they can take this down. So the skeleton spawn running ahead of the witch, if the double cannon does manage to lock on to the witch then most definitely I think it will go down. I’m not too sure whether the Healers can keep this up but the skeleton is very much in front taking down the double cannon, no problem, obviously the skeleton is not setting off the trap there so the witch is going to get sprung off the map, but in terms of this challenge I think still the hog riders and the miners are very much winning this.

So we only got, we’ve only really got the Bowlers left actually, and then that challenge between one miner and one hog rider. What do you think guys, again the Bowler with that eight troop capacity, only able to take it, so the Bowler is the last troop which might have a chance of clutching victory here, from the miners and hog riders. In it comes then that single Bowler, the all so powerful Bowler, will the cannon take it out, will it join the wizards in the, in the Hall of Fame in terms of getting taken out by the cannon. So very close actually it’s going right down into the red but the healers just able to keep it up and the Bowler is able to take victory over the double cannon but not this challenge because the miners and hog riders were certainly a lot quicker than that.

So any of you guys that said Miners or Hog Riders in the comments down below, massive congratulations, I said, I said the Pekka, I thought the Pekka really did have this challenge but let’s go ahead and do a face off between the miner and the hog rider, once and for all to see which one can take this challenge. So in come the 15 healers, here comes the miner straight forward towards the cannon, how quickly will it take it out. So let’s see when it gets onto the cannon here, was as it popped up, but was actually when it started shooting at the cannon, so we’re already 6 seconds in.

Let’s see guys it’s taken 10, 11, 11 seconds, 12 seconds even just under, just under 12 seconds to take out that cannon. So still very impressive for a single miner and only 5 troop capacity. Will the hog rider take it, let’s, let’s check it out guys. This is definitely going to be close to call, it was so close with the two troops, the final raid here of the video. 15 healers in they come and here comes the ever so mighty hog rider, racing forward to the cannon, let’s see when it gets its first hit, 51 actually no it was about 49 actually when it took it down.

The hog rider doing fantastic work here staying up alive and the hog rider I think, I thought the hog rider took that, I mean definitely very close to call, but the hog rider did seem to take it just that little bit quicker. Let’s check it out, the miners 104 damage per second, where as the hog rider 145 damage per second, so you would think the hog rider, that would make sense we had it as about one second before hand, so the hog rider, the hog rider takes the challenge, but I’m going to say that anyone that said miners or hog riders in the bottom of this video, you guys both win we’ll call it a draw for the 10 troop space, but the hog rider won the faceoff. I hope you guys enjoyed this video, I’ve been your host judo sloth and until next time peace out guys. Stay tuned for more CoC..

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