Clash Of Clans [Town Hall 10] Queen Walk Guide. Everything You Need To Know

It can be said that the queen walk at th10 is one of the most difficult and advanced strategies to pull off. With the additional point defense, the increased damage, the infernos and the lack of healers having their own level at th10 makes it all very hard to pull off. While it is difficult the queen walk can be one of the most devastating attacks to perform on an opponent. This attack will take lots practice and a good eye of when to be able to recognize when to use it. Below I will try to provide some pointers to help you out and recognized when and how to pull off this amazing attack.

Base Scouting

1. No fly zones are great bases to use a queen walk on. These are typically bases where all the air defenses are on the same side of the base lumped up very close to each other. If you see a base like this then using a queen walk to take out the air defenses will allow you to use dragons to take out the rest of the base with a few loons.

2. Other things to scout for are easy walks that net high value. If your able to see a part of a base where you could get a couple of point defenses, possibly an air defense, queen, clan castle any of these are great targets for a queen walk.

3. Inferno towers. Now you might be saying why use a queen walk to get an inferno tower. Typically if an inferno tower is exposed you can use a few small tanks or barb king to distract point defense while your queen sneaks in and takes on the inferno tower. An inferno tower alone will not take out a queen and she can typically survive with one point defense on her and the inferno tower. So if these are exposed then try to find a way to take them out.


1. The obvious one here is healers typically 4-5 depending on a fresh hit or clean up. Also where traps are.

2. Wall breakers are a must. Unlike th9 you can’t just have your queen walk around the base. Typically you will have to wall break your queen in and our of compartments to get her to move around. So learn the AI of wall breakers (they go to the closest wall with a tower in it, but can act up some times).

3. Giants or Barb King. These can be used to distract defenses so that your queen can complete an objective or wall break open portions of the base. Proper use of these will lead to your queen netting huge value.

4. Balloons can be used on clean up hits if you know a rogue seeking air mine is on the outside of a base. Nothing like losing a healer at 14 camp space when a loon at 5 camp space could take out a trap.

5. The remainder of the troops are typically how you will handle the rest of the base. This can be miners, hogs, laloon or any other 3 star strategy.


1. Rage. You will need plenty of these and this will be the main spell you will use. Good uses of rage spells are obviously on the healers and queen to increase the healing power and damage queen does. Other uses of rages can be to increase wall breakers damage to walls. A single raged wall breaker can open a wall up. So if you drop your rage spell properly you can often sneak your wall breakers through the rage spell while your queen is distracting to easily open up walls for her to walk through. Rage spells are also good to have down prior to heading into an inferno tower. You want your queen at full health when she steps into the beam and if you pop the ability the rage spell will allow your healers to instantly get her back to full health almost acting like a freeze spell for you. This trick will allow you to easily deal with infernos.

2. Jump spells can be used to direct your queen through certain sections of a base that are difficult to wall break into.

3. Poison spells can be used to deal with a clan castle or on heroes to slow down their attack speed. Poison spells on heroes can often save you the use of a rage spell.

4. The remaining spells will be what ever fits your main attack style.

The attack strategy is pretty straight forward use your queen to accomplish a major task like a kill squad would and then proceed to take out the base with what ever attack style you wish. The main thing is to give your queen time to work and learn her AI. She is a very strong tool, but can be delicate. Often times if properly executed your queen will survive for the entire raid and be part of your clean up crew. Speaking of clean up crew since queen walks can take a good amount of time your going to be racing against the clock more often then not. So once you begin your second phase of the attack and it has taken out the first line of defenses get your clean up down ASAP. You do not want to pull off a beautiful queen walk just to end up with a 2 star because you forgot to get your clean up troops down.

As always I have provided a video with replays showing the above tips. Hope this helps some of you that have been struggling using the queen walk at th10.

Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!