Clash of Clans New Update – What is the Boat?

What is going on guys Judo Sloth here checking in with you because we have a Boat in Clash of Clans. You may have seen this in your village over the last day or so, it’s broken at the moment but pretty soon as part of the new update you will be able to fix it. So what does this do? Let me tell you that the update, massive is an understatement, it is phenomenal, it’s absolutely brilliant. Where did this boat come from? If you click the find out button it will take you to the Update Teaser, How Do We Get Over There? What mysteries lie across those shores.

Hopefully we’ll be able to share some more information with you pretty soon. Make sure to hit the subscribe button below this video to stay up to date because I will bring you all of the information as soon as we’re allowed to in terms of them sneak peeks. Now I haven’t done any videos talking about the update up until this point but now that the boat is within your village, it must be pretty soon guys. What are you hoping for? We have seen a few leaks if you will over the Internet and I’ll show you them in a second. Also leak my war base here whilst we’re at it, don’t worry I’m changing that in the near future, but the boat is also on your war map – what does this mean? Maybe it’s some kind of secret flying pirate boat, just messing with you guys, but if you do want to take a look it is there just for a bit of fun.

Now let me just say that I can’t vouch for Galadon and Ash and Powerbang, everyone that’s been hyping up the update, because it is real, it is massive, far exceeded my expectations and the wait it is definitely worth it guys. More information to come soon but just throwing out there, make sure to leave me a comment in terms of what are you hoping for of this update and what do you think it’s going to be. Let’s quickly look at them two images that we’ve seen the leaks in terms of giving us a few clues. So here’s the first one. So you may have seen this a few weeks ago before the boat was in your village and you can see right at the top there, that the ship is an ornament here with the barbarian and hog rider almost playing chess. The other thing which people have been discussing in terms of these images is that it’s dark, it’s night time. Here’s the second image we found where again it’s night time, we see the ship on this one and we see all of them troops charging forward.

So what do you guys think, what would you like to see, what do you think from these images? I certainly can’t wait for the new update, I can also confirm that there’s no Town Hall 12 and no level 13 walls. I’ve been your host Judo Sloth, make sure to subscribe for more Clash of Clans and until next time, peace out guys. Stay tuned for more CoC..

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