Clash of Clans NEW Troop ICE WIZARD! Clashmas Gift #3 Attacks and Gameplay

What’s up guys Judo Sloth here and welcome to the third day of Clashmas in this 2016 Clash of Clans Christmas Event. We’ve had the Santa Surprise Spell, we’ve had the Freeze Trap and now for the third gift we are getting a new troop in Clash of Clans. If we open up the barracks you might notice that troop on the bottom from Clash Royale, it is none other than the Ice Wizard, now available in Clash of Clans. This will be for a limited time only, until January the 5th 2017, but until then you can play with the Ice Wizard in Clash of Clans. You can see his stats here for a town hall 11, so the hit point and damage will change based on your town hall level.

Notably though his favorite target is a defense, so similar to the hog riders, the balloons, the Giants, they will target the defense’s first and quite an interesting twist in the Ice Wizard, and wait until you see how the mechanics of this troops works as well, it’s pretty interesting guys. So what we’re going to do is jump into a couple of goblin maps just to show you how the mechanics of the troop works, then we’ll get into an actual raid, we’re going to raid a max TH9 base, a popular war base with all ice wizards, and then we’re going to try an attack strategy, quite a creative one, at the end, I’m calling it guys, it is the ice ice baby attack strategy.

Ice Wizards and Baby Dragons against a max Town Hall 11 base, can we do it, you’ll have to find out at the end of this video. So we cooked up 60 Ice Wizards, we’re going to go out into the Goblin maps and just show you the mechanics of how the troop works. First you might notice that the maps at the bottom here are all 3 starred, I can tell you that that was with all Ice Wizards, so stay tuned for them attacks, i will bring you them in a video, but moving on to Rocky Fort. The cannons in the corner will be what the Ice Wizard targets first, since it’s a defence. So if we place it in next to the Goblin hut, notice how the ice wizard walks away from it in order to target the cannon. The nice new feature with the ice wizard is that it partly freezes the defenses.

You can see the cannons turn blue once the Ice Wizard hits it. It doesn’t fully freeze it, so the defences can still fire at your troops, but they’re slowed down dramatically, and that then helps the Ice Wizards to take them out, and then they are redirected to all of the other buildings in order to help you get the 3 star. So let’s show you one more on a different base, we’re moving down the Goblin maps a little bit more so there’s some more defenses within this base, and then we will get onto that max town hall 9 base i was talking about.

So for this one we’ll just spread the Ice Wizards out around the base and then you can see them go to work. Notice how on the bottom here the Wizard Towers are the splash damage defenses. That’s obviously what you’ve gotta watch out for with the Ice Wizards because they want to clump together. Since they targeting a defense and not generic buildings, they will tend to funnel through gaps within the wall and that leaves them susceptible to giant bombs, mortars, wizard towers, anything which does huge amounts of splash damage on the Ice Wizards, and you will see that as we move through this video. You can see just how effective they are though, they wiped out all of the defenses in this base, I know it wasn’t a particularly difficult one, but they’ve done that very very easily.

So now that we’ve covered the basics on how the Ice Wizard works, let’s move on to the town hall 9 base because that will let you see them in action against him much more realistic base. I’m going to use my heroes and a Golem for this because i think it would be a bit difficult if it was just Ice Wizards, but let’s see how they manage. So I’ve used a couple of Earthquake Spells just to soften up the core a little bit, and I have three jump spells spread out across the north side of this base which is where I’m going to bring my troops in from.

So I have the golem and my heroes first just to start tanking for the defenses, and then I have a few ice wizards coming through, notice how they’re freezing them Teslas but as they move forward and ahead of the Golem, since they’re quicker, they are getting taken out by them teslas pretty quickly. As we start to take out the defenses at the top here, we’re flying in plenty of more ice wizards trying to get them wizard towers down first because that’s where the splash damage are, and not many of them have taken the jump spells into the base. We do have a few of them in the center here which I’ve used a heal spell for. Trying to help them get them X-Bows down because that will be key in taking out this base. Freezing the one on the right and it looks like they’re just about going to get it down as well, but most of them have actually moved across to the right hand side of the base here with my queen and Grand Warden.

So I’m going to try and use the heroes to continue to tank and then slowly drip feed the rest of my Ice Wizards in. So i did use the Grand Wardens ability as the ice wizards will be coming under fire by the mortar. I’ve used a skeleton spell as they’re moving in towards the enemy archer queen here to try and distract that. The Grand Warden is now onto the queen but it’s moved target and started hitting the Elixir storage, that’s going to give the Queen plenty of time to survive, but we still have my queen moving down and I’ve slowly been putting Ice Wizards in on the defense’s on the edge.

So looking at this point, I don’t think we have any Ice Wizards left, it looks like they’re all down but from the very start of the raid, unbelievably, we still do have a regular Wizard. Now I do have a video which I’ll link in the top right of this video right now, which shows the Ice Wizard vs the regular Wizard against this base so all Ice Wizards vs all Wizards, make sure to check it out and see which troop comes out on top.

So actually I’m quite surprised that we’ve been able to take this base down, i thought the Ice Wizards might have gone down rather quickly to the splash damage, but the heroes were just about enough to keep them alive and then slowly bringing the Ice Wizards in around the side, worked out rather nicely. We now just have a couple of buildings on the side here which my troops will slowly take down, there’s that epic wizard that has made it through this entire raid.

Let’s now move onto the Ice Ice Baby Attack Strategy and see how this works against the Town Hall 11 base. We’re just going to see if this works for a bit of fun, i haven’t even tried this yet. So what I’m thinking is baby dragons to create a funnel and then bring in the ice wizards in behind the heroes to target the defense’s towards the centre. For the army composition we have 8 baby dragons along with a few in the clan castle, and 40 Ice Wizards. We also have 4 lightning spells for the air defense, and also a freeze spell which makes up that extra Ice. So here we go, a world exclusive, ice ice baby attack, starting out I haven’t even thought about how we’re going to attack this base, and actually there’s a massive gap up next to the town hall, i didn’t know that was there guys. We’re going to zap quake the two air defence to the south here i think, and then come in towards the town hall there. So if we take out both of these air defense, we should be able to take the bomb towers out next to it as well.

Down that first one goes, that is fantastic news because not only does it help the baby dragons with the funnel, but it also means that’s one extra splash damage out of the way that we don’t have to worry about for the Ice Wizards. I was looking for the clan castle, but again I’ve just noticed it’s right out on the left-hand side here, that wasn’t intentional.Ii did put Wizards in there to try and defend the Ice Wizards, but actually the Ice Wizards targeting defenses, that is one thing you have to watch out for because they do not target clan castle troops. So let’s just take them out with a couple of baby dragons and a poison spell and then we will start the baby dragons funneling over on the right-hand side here. So really we have an archer tower, once we get that down there’s nothing else which will do massive amounts of damage to the baby dragons, and they should be able to take out this right-hand side of the base.

That will mean that the Ice Wizards should follow the heroes in towards the center of the base, or that is the hope, trying to get the 2 star here guys, I think the 3 stars is certainly a little bit far-fetched. So we’re still working on the baby dragons, I’ve accidentally put two of them in towards that Archer tower, but one of them has gone down so it means the second one now does get the enraged bonus and is going to get that Archer tower down.

There’s one cannon sitting here which i’m going to put another baby dragon into take that out, and then you can notice how a good chunk of the buildings down this side are gone. The Ice Wizards should work their way into the center of the base instead of being encouraged around since we took them buildings out. I’ve saved the clan castle of baby dragons to try and help funnel my heroes a little bit, so I want them to actually break into the base because i don’t have any jump spell. I need to make sure they have enough funnel so that they’re not encouraged around the base and that will help the Ice Wizards in towards the centre.

So that’s working quite nicely, you can see Queen wants to enter the base starting to pop some ice wizards in, just to help freeze the defenses, and help to take them down obviously, and then we still have quite a few of them which i’m saving until we’ve got that funnel worked. Right now I’ve put the grand warden in on the clan castle, not thinking that it would take forever to take it down, and ice wizards won’t target it, but now it’s moving forward, I pushed the Ice Wizards in.

I’ve put the freeze spell on the main defenses in the core, everything’s moving forward, i press the grand wardens ability to try and help the ice Wizards freeze them main defenses, and it’s looking very good here guys. They’re taking the X-Bow down, the archer queen is now onto the enemy queen, she’s gonna go down, I’ve pressed the ability, there is the town hall, two stars for the ice ice baby attack strategy, going in blind as well. So very successful but i would say that I wouldn’t get your hopes up on this, it’s definitely more of a fun attack strategy than anything else. So that wraps it up for this gameplay of the new troop in Clash of Clans, the Ice Wizard available until January the fifth. Make sure to let me know how you’re going to use the Ice Wizard, what army compositions are you going to use and comment with the #IceIceBaby if you made it right until the end of this video.

Check out the battle between the Ice Wizard and the regular Wizard to see who wins and subscribe for more Clash of Clans videos. I’ve been your host Judo Sloth and until next time, peace out guys. Stay tuned for more CoC..

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