Clash Of Clans [Multiple TH’s] Giheho-Strategy


Hi guys…!!
Today Im going to tell you about a strategy which works well against all bases in Th 7 Th 8 Th 9 and even works good against Engineered Th 10. As we can see We are getting continuously Opponent Clans with Engineered bases. So it has become now very challenging time for general clan with no Engineered bases. Anyway Let us go to the topic.
GIHEHO …Mean Giants Healers and Hogs.
Im going to tell you first about the troop combinations
For Th 7

1. Giants 6 (Capacity 30)
2. Healers 2( Cap 28)
3. Hog 20( Cap 100)
4.Wizards10( Cap 40)
5. Archars 2
6.Clan Troops 4 Maxed or Level 7 giants
7. 2 Healing Spell and 1 Rage spell.
For Th 8
Same as above with 5 maxed or level 7 giants and one poison spell( Maxed or Level 4 or Level 3) in Clan and another poison spell you have to brew in Spell factory
For Th 9
1. Giants 6 ( cap 30)
2. Healers 3( cap 42)
3. Hogs 20 (Cap 100)
4. Wizards 10 (Cap 40)
5. Minions 4( Cap 8) ; I suggest Minion for a reason.
6. Clan troops 6 Maxed Giants or Level 7 giants along with one maxed or level 4 or level 3 poison spell
7. 3 Healing Spell, 1 Rage Spell and one poison spell ( If possible upgrade it to level 3 soon)
For Th 10 ( I mean Th 10 is going to attack an Engineered base with no inferno tower)
1. Giants 6 (Cap 30)
2. Healer 3 (Cap 42)
3. Hogs24 (Cap 120)
4. Wizards10 ( Cap 40)
5. Minions 4( Cap 8)
6.Clan Troops 7 giants and one maxed or level 4 or level 3 Poison spell.
7. 4 Healing Spell , 1 Rage Spell and 1 Poison spell( If possible upgrade it to level 4)

These are the Troops and Spell Equations
This strategy works fine in all bases. Whether your Hero are maxed according to your Town hall that doesnt mater but if possible upgrade your Heros soon for guranted 3 star. I hope you have upgraded all troops as I mentioned in the Equations according to your Town Hall.
After Supercell decrease the Damage of Giant Bombs you donot have to worry about double giant bombs. Earlier that was a great trouble to this strategy. So let us begin how you can use this strategy.

Before starting I will like to introduce a term “KILLING SQUADE” . Killing Squade mean Giant Healer Wiz King and Queen combination. I will not mention rapidly this combination insteas use the word Killing Squade.
Im going Step by Step i.e, Accordingly Townhall in inverse order i.e., Th 10 to Th 7
Th 10

It is effective only against Engineered Th 10 bases with no inferno towers. Firstly We have to see the Position of Archar Queen , Xbows and then gaps where Spring traps or Giant bomb or hidden telsa can be there. Archar Queen is very dangerous to Hog. You must have to kill her by your Killing squade at first otherwise you may have to return with 1 star or even no star. Notice her location. You have to start your attack in that direction from which your killing squade can catch her easily. Also notice in which direction you can take down her along with killing the Enemy CC( Clan castle) troops. If CC and Queen are located such that they are totally in opposite to each other then lure the Enemy CC troops. Deploy first you giants and CC giants with all three healers behind .You don’t need to worry about Walls . They will break down by Giants. We take 3 healers so that if any one of them or two of them died earlier atleast one can heal your giants.

And deploy Wizards in behind with one wizard at one building or if there is any storage deploy 2 wizards at storage because stroage has higher hit point. Now deploy King when the outside get cleared and then Queen. After Enemy CC troops comes out deploy your Poison spel at their path and when they come closer deploy Rage spell such a way that it covers Giant healers and Wizards within its circle. Rage on wizards will kill the enemy cc troop faster and giant can destroy Defense faster. Rage on healer will heal your giants rapidly so that they don’t die earlier. Also your Queen or Wizards will kill Enemys Queen. Better if your angle of attack is from East or west or north or south direction. You will be expert after few attempts. Then Deploy your Hog such a way that all defense remain busy to attack giants and your hogs are taking down them. Deploy your killing squade such a way that it takes down one xbow earlier also. Deploy your Healing spell where it is necessary I mean in Giant bombs or in Teslas or in Bomber tower. or where you feel to deploy. After few time when almost all defenses has been taking down deploy minion where it is necessary. specially on builder huts at the corners. Deploy your 2nd poison spell if The Skletons from skleton traps starting kill your troops. We have taken minions as there may be a defense behind the walls. So This about the strategy. You will be expert after few attempts.
For Th 9.

Works against all type of bases. Same as above we used in Th 10
For Th 8
Here you have to notice the location of Enemy king and cc.
For Th 7
Same as Th 8.

One Note: Sometimes Enemy put their defense ouside the walls. Then First put a giant and two hog in behind to take a partucular defense so that you can have a funneling Path. In general Th 7 8 donot have such type of bases. Sometimes In th 9 all defenses are ouside the ring of walls only th xbow and hidden teslas are inside the ring. Then you have to Use Queen walk to make a suitable funneling. I see many clasher take Bowlers in cc and 14 or 13 hogs. But problems with bowler that they walks outside the bases creating lots of trouble and few numbers of Hog results a failed atrempt. So better you use the Troop combination as I mentioned



Additional Guide Tips Welcomed!