Clash of Clans | Best TH10 vs TH11 Strategy – Dragon Attack

What’s up guys Judo Sloth here and today we are revisiting TH10 attacking TH11 using the mass dragon attack strategy. Now I did recently bring a guide for this but i wanted to highlight the strategy again using my two most recent war attacks because in the current state of the game with the base layout trying to defend against mass ground attacks, it is just so effective.

And a Town Hall 10 being able to 2 star those Town Hall 11, and quite strong TH11s with a fairly straightforward and effective strategy is very helpful for your clan mates in war. Now this strategy is very effective against anti 3-star layouts which I will show you in the next attack but it also works against these layouts with the town hall in the center and the huge gap aiming to send ground attacks around the side, you can sneak in quite easily with dragons so long as you set your funnel up correctly.

Now the only thing you need to look for within these raids are the two back air defenses being out of range of the town hall, you can then zap quake the two nearest air defenses and it means that your dragons will not take any high amount of damage whilst they are achieving the 2-star. Now it’s important to note with the zapquake portion, the earthquake covers quite a large radius and you can do a lot of damage to surrounding buildings, so do have a think about where you’re going to place it, so long as it touches the air defense as well, you can place it wherever you want.

Now the dragons are then deployed across the entire sides where you have taken out the air defense and they will then create a natural funnel in towards the town hall. In my clan castle along with an extra dragon i do have 3 balloons and i tend to use them to target a specific defense, so in this raid i used it to take down the air sweeper but often i will use this to target say an archer tower. Now with this style of layout with the town hall in the center i would say about 50% of the time i take it down with dragons and about 50% of the time I take it down with my Archer Queen.

You can see in this instance a couple of dragons snuck forward to the town hall so I used the rage spell in order to power them through it, but I had actually already deployed my heroes on the south as well so that they would be targeted to some of the standing buildings and then move forward to the town hall. A lot of the time if you can tell that the dragons are going to get the Town Hall you can deploy the heroes on the opposite side for a little bit extra percentage and you’ll see an example of that in the next raid. With the anti 3-star layouts it’s definitely a lot easier to do that on them raids when you definitely know you are going to get the town hall with the dragons.

With these layouts and the town hall in the center you can hold off on a dragon or two in order to target them to the town hall, but i find as long as you have a wide enough spread they tend to create that natural funnel in order to send some of them to the centre anyway, it just helps to maximize your dps when you have more troops on the map. Now with this style of layout you can see clearly that the strategy will easily work. More of an anti 3 star design with two air defense next to the town hall and two air defense all the way over in the back. My dragons would have to go through the entire base before they started getting targeted by them. You can see the air defense next to the town hall will allow me to utilize the earthquake spell to get some damage off it. I can also hit the x-bow and the mortar to take some health off these and help my dragons through this area a little bit quicker.

After I’ve destroyed both air defense i will deploy my dragons in a horseshoe style manner across this entire southwest side. I don’t need to deploy all of my dragons because clearly they can take down that town hall without too much of an issue. I do hold onto a few of the Dragons just in case I need to reinforce that town hall area, but once i have dragons targeting it and I know that it is going to be destroyed i can deploy my other dragons on the side of the base in order to help with percentage, because it’s much easier to take out these outside buildings in order to build up your overall damage. As soon as the town hall is destroyed you also want to bring your heroes in on the opposite side.

This means that you’re not allowing the Eagle Artillery as much time on each of your troops because it does massive damage to your heroes and especially on these anti 3-star layouts they can really rack up the percentage by taking out buildings on the opposite side of the base. However as I demonstrated in the first raid, if the town hall is tricky to get you might want to save your heroes until you definitely know that it is going to be destroyed because as much as you want to rack up that percentage, you do need to ensure you get that second star. So I hope that helps you guys out, I personally find this is the best and simplest strategy as a TH10 to attack up against TH11 and achieve the 2 star.

What this means is that your Town Hall 11s can then drop down and have a much better chance of 3 starring the Town Hall 10s. It just allows for better coordination and utilization of your attacks because as much as you might be able to 3 star some of the TH10, it maybe more effective for you to bump up and 2 star the TH11s. So that wraps it up for this video, I’ve been your host judo sloth, make sure to subscribe for more clash of clans and until next time peace out guys.

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