Bomber VS Boxer Giant – Clash of Clans Battle – New CoC Update 2017

Who will win this epic face-off between the bombers and the boxer Giants. what is going on guys judo sloth here and welcome to another episode where we’re battling off a few of the new troops inside the new clash of clans update. today we’re hitting the bombers and the boxer Giants to see once and for all which one comes out on top. if you haven’t already make sure to subscribe to the channel by hitting the subscribe button down below that way you can stay up to date with all of my update videos but let’s dive straight into this one starting off with the bomber. what do you think guys make sure to comment down below if you think the bomber or the baby, boxer Giants not the baby dragon, the boxer giant will win this battle and which troops would you like to see up next. I think it’s going to be very difficult starting off with the Bombers here let’s try and make a little bit of a funnel the unfortunate thing is that the bombers kind of work when they have something tanking for them so I really do need to try and use my hero here in order to take most of the fire, but the problem is he’s going to be hitting all of the defense’s so we need to make sure we get enough bombers in here to take them down rather quickly.

So I’m trying not to mess around get the Bombers in quick the hero is already down so we need the rest of the Bombers in to try and get that multi mortar and then get the builders hall, but it’s not looking good guys the bombers have crashed and burned they have finished on just 30% that was not very good guys. let’s swap across to the Giants and find out whether they can do any better so the Giants are going to be difficult as well because again similar to the the bomber who need the tankage, the boxer Giants actually will tank for nothing here essentially so we’ll try exactly the same couple of giants in.

Really again the difficult thing is with that multi mortar maybe we should have used the same troops in attack from the bottom with that multi mortar, Giants are going to clump up and be attracted right into the center of it so it’s really difficult here to get the Giants to take out the defenses because that multi mortar is centralized maybe on a different base design they’ll do a little bit better. but as you can see here all of the Giants under the fire from that multi mortar very difficult to keep out of the way of it. oh the crusher as well hitting all of them Giants very difficult to keep out of the way of it because it’s radius, I can’t show you there, but it’s radius would hit the south of the map here as well. so actually although the Bombers didn’t do too great, we have got the hero onto the builder Hall though amazingly I think that might clutch the victory, it did clutches the victory for the Giants and the battle machine here is going to walk around the side of the base and pick up the percentage.

Anyway so actually the thing about the Giants there was they tanked enough for the battle machine to then do the damage get in and get the builders Hall down, whereas for the Bombers although they did more damage the battle machine just could not take that amount of damage it was getting hit from all angles guys, so on this first base the boxer giant ends up taking quite a comfortable victory. did you see that one coming I’m not too sure I was actually leaning more towards the Bombers myself I thought they might have been able to take this but let’s wait and see how much percentage this battle machine can get because he’s still crushing things on the side of the base here. if we get this ability and we might get the two star not quite so he got the one star 46%, quite a comfortable victory for the boxer Giants. so let’s move on to another base design and see if it can be any better for the Bombers.

Can they get one back, we have three bases set up to see who will come out on top so we’ll start with the boxer Giants this time and swip a cross, swap across even, to the Bombers afterwards. so let’s dive into that match guys what do you think will the Bombers bring it back will the boxer Giants have another comfortable victory let’s use the boxer Giants in order to set the bar here for the Bombers to come in and know what they have to do. so looking at the second base design now the typical thing here is do we push in in order to get the multi mortar or do we come from the other side now I think we do have the crusher there and the guard post troops that’s going to be a nightmare for the bomber or the boxer Giants maybe you can get the troops inside the radius day of the multi-mortar let’s just see.

I think if the Giants get a little bit closer they might be able to get in there and take it straight down so they did take one hit but it doesn’t look like it’s recharging back up so that is good news for the boxer Giants, very difficult to funnel the hero here though let’s put some more boxer Giants in we don’t have to actually worry at this point about the Splash Damage because that crusher is not going to hit the Giants we do have the push trap affecting them there but actually all we need to worry about, it’s looking good actually, is this hero coming in towards the back of the the Builders Hall.

I thought the guard post troops were going to pull him in there almost did, now they have that is it I think it’s going to be definitely a one-star the Giants have actually made their way down to that crusher trap, maybe I should have put one onto the Archer tower down here might have been a little bit better for the Giants but again they’ve tanked enough for this battle machine, the master builder inside of his invention, in order for him to take that down the master builder has then came across and took the crusher down so we still have a couple of Giants, can we get to the two star this time again I think this is going to be difficult for the Bombers to get back into this one guys this might be the first battle that we’ve had where one single troop has just outright blasted the other ones. it’s always been a close match we did do the raged barbarians versus the sneaky archers and then the sneaky archers versus the beta minions and it was a close match between all of them.

On this one the boxer giant is setting the bar high what do you think guys will the Bombers be able to get in and take out that multi-mortar, it’s going to be a close one. so we’ve got the two star from the boxer Giants we might even have to jump back into this because normally what I do is pull up the thumbnail of the video and then I can swap across to the other troop but on this one we’re actually running quite long time maybe we’ve still got enough time with the bombers, but I don’t want to do start the attack and then have them run out because then, the battle machine here is doing amazing work and I can’t see any way where he would actually be come under too much fire, maybe at this point he’ll go down, let’s just see we still have over a minute for the Bombers come and get this ability in no we can’t, so there it is guys 62% to star for the boxer Giants. will the Bombers do any better let’s plug it in let’s see we only have a minute for the Bombers, here what do you think I think that’s enough time for the Bombers actually because they’re so quick let’s just go for it if we need to we’ll put the Bombers back in if they do run out of time so really what I want to create here is the funnel for the battle machine to come in.

There’s the wall open that is exactly what we needed to get them in in order to get that multi mortar, once we get that multi mortar down then we might stand a chance here let’s try and push the battle machine in get him in there a little bit quicker, so that we can then bring in a couple of bombers up here and then really try and target a few down towards that double cannon. we do only have 30 seconds left guys so we might have to actually do this again depending on how the Bombers do because they’re absolutely crushing it here the battle machine is tanking brilliantly for them I think they might have won this match you know, let’s just wait and see what happens I feel we might have to do this again but it is going to come down to the wire.

The battle machine is going to get his ability in I’m not too sure guys they’re running out we have one bomber the battle machine is down although they are going to run out of time I think we can comfortably see how they run out of time, but that bomber was about to go down to the archer tower so I think we can take that as a victory for the boxer Giants, they did comfortably win that one really, no way that the bomber we’re going to win that although they put up a much better fight than they did in the first round. so the boxer giants takes the second one there as well that means they are up two-nil, what do you think guys should we do one more match and see if the boxer Giants can pull it back. I think we can we’ve got another base set up here one more attack the boxer Giants have already won this one so if you want to stick around and see this last match see if the Bombers can pull anything back then feel free to do so, but we already know the victors are the boxer Giants for this episode.

So let’s see just getting into the match here I’m really hoping the Bombers can can pull this one back because I did do a Q&A livestream just yesterday to try and help people with the update and I was asked a few times what my favorite troop was and I said each and every time that the bomber was my favorite troop. I really wanted to do a little bit of work here again we’re not making this easy look the multi mortar and the crusher right together they on this base that I’ve designed I’m not sure if there’s any way where the bombers can snipe anything off here this is a tough base to come in towards that I might try and push from the opposite side actually and just see how that goes. so let’s just go and put a couple of the Bombers in let’s get the battle machine straight in because I’m quite confident that that funnel will be created and I don’t want the Bombers to take too much fire from the archer tower from that double cannon I want the battle machine to get in there they’ve opened the wall for them that is what the Bombers are fantastic for they literally go for anything and everything.

So now that the battle machine is coming down to the south here let’s try and get this cannon but unfortunately I’ve not put enough bombers in guys and I haven’t done them justice there, the battle machine has gone down amazingly quick and again similar to the first round they’re actually going to do a little bit worse on this one, not quite getting to 30% I feel for the Bombers maybe if I should have just spammed them in with the ultimate technique there but they get 26% I’m not sure how much different it would have been, let’s just pull up the thumbnail one more time as we swap across to the boxer Giants and we’ll push in from the exact same place.

So here we are then the boxer Giants are ready to go oh let’s see I think let’s push in from the same place but it’s very difficult to actually funnel the Giants here, then we just got to hope that the battle machine, oh we have a push trap that pushes the giant into the base did you guys see that, that was amazing. that’s exactly what I was telling people in terms of my advice for the push trap to actually use it to push troops into the base itself, it works a lot better actually than trying to push them away from the base if you can throw them into the base itself then they can get your defenses on the back end to hit them single troops because there’s only ever going to be a couple of them that go into the base. now at first here I was thinking that the boxers, not, boxer giants might be struggling here the bombers might have a chance but actually they’ve managed to push their way into the base and as long as we can get this hero ability off again I think we’re going to get the Town Hall her,e the builders Hall even guys.

So that is a whitewash the boxer Giants have taken the three nil victory inside of this battle, what do you think guys make sure to comment down below boxer giant victory if you have made it this far. did you think they were going to do it? I honestly felt that the Bombers might have put up a better fight but unfortunately it is a victory for the boxer giants, a great match between these two new troops and make sure to comment as well which troops you would like to see in the versus battle and will hopefully try and bring a couple more of them to you. let’s just see if we can get the two star I don’t think it’s going to happen, not quite the two star on this one for the boxer Giants but they do take the victory overall.

I hope you guys enjoyed it, I’ve been your host judo sloth and until next time peace out guys. stay tuned for more CoC..

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