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This topic is meant to inform player of Cabal Online how to use the
jukebox as well as answer frequently asked questions from users who
misunderstand the jukebox’s capabilities. Feel free to post a few things
you know of the Jukebox that are not listed here.

NOTE: This topic is NOT for posting converted .ogg music. Staff take notice.

Table of Contents

  1. What is the Jukebox?
  2. How do I add my own music to the jukebox?
  3. Wait–they all have to be .ogg files?!
  4. I added my own music! Now how to I play them in Cabal?
  5. What do these buttons mean?
  6. My music isn’t playing &/or showing up! What’s wrong?
  7. Can I add my own music for others to use?
  8. The Jukebox’s music is annoying me! How do I turn off the music?

1. What is the Jukebox?

The jukebox is an extra in Cabal online for users to play their own music
 as well as play the game’s own music during game play. The jukebox can be
found apart of the southern navigation when (J) is pressed.

2. How do I add my own music to the Jukebox?

Simple. Simply head to wherever your "OGplanet/Cabal Online" folder is
(C:Program FilesOGPlanetCABAL OnlineJukebox) and paste your music
into the folder.

Wait–they all have to be .ogg files?!

All–I mean it–ALL of the music has to have the file extension .ogg…
Yes, that means that obviously putting a .mp3 into the folder won’t
! But don’t worry, friend! Instead of lurking around the forums or
the web for .ogg versions of your favorite music there are plenty of
easy-to-use file converters available for you to use! The following are
available and recommended.

4. I added my own music! Now how do I play them in Cabal?

Soon after entering the game, click on the speaker box located on the
bottom navigation bar. This will open up the Jukebox. Click the ""
button until the buttons turns into the "" button. Now double-click on
the name of the song to the left (which will be one of the songs from
the jukebox folder
) and you’ll see all of the songs you’ve placed into
the folder. *

NOTE: The jukebox will not update automatically when placing music into
the Jukebox folder during game play. Please restart the game if you wish
to view the updated list of music.

5. What do all of these buttons mean?
At first, I felt this was quite an unnecessary question considering it’s
pretty obvious. (well at least I thought so)But amazingly, people
don’t know what they mean. (ok seriously, I don’t even know what 
some mean
 ) So here is a brief explanation of the buttons.

  • – ???
  • – Select Background (Game) Music
  • – ???
  • – Select User Music (…OGPlanet/Cabal online/Jukebox)
  • – Rewind
  • – Pause/Play button
  • – Stop
  •   – Fast Foward
  • – Sound Volume Menu
  • – Close Jukebox

6. My music isn’t playing &/or showing up! What’s wrong?

Make sure the music your putting into the Jukebox folder has a .ogg extension*
On some occasions, most converters may mess up during the process of converting
from the original file. Try to reconvert the file and try again.

There’s also the change that you might have misplaced the file into the wrong folder.
Double check your Jukebox folder and Cabal online folder just in case.

NOTE: For more information on file extensions and how to view them, visit

7. Can I add my own music for others to use?

Not technically a Jukebox question, but is related. Since giving away the .ogg files
already converted and ready for the jukebox n’ such is also like giving away music downloads,
sorry but I recommend not doing it.

8. The jukebox’s music is annoying me! How do I turn off the music?

You can just pause it or simply click on the ""
button to reach the sound  tab of the options menu. (nifty!)

Credits go to 8256614.

2 Responses to Unofficial Jukebox Guide

  • On #5, it refreshes the list of songs in Jukebox Folder, so restarting cabal after modifying contents is not necessary. Just hit refresh after adding/deleting songs!

  • 7. I like the valuable information you provide in your articles. I’ll bookmark your weblog and check again here frequently. I’m quite certain I’ll learn a lot of new stuff right here! Good luck for the next!

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