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cabal keyboard shortcuts

That’s right folks, these are things Cabal does not want you to know!
Why do you ask? I’ll tell you! Because it give me something to type about!
All of the following are self-confirmed and current in the game.
Flying and Roflcopter are not true actions in Cabal’s gameplay, meant for a joke, meant for… lulz.
So onto revealing the secrets!
Ctrl + U: Opens up a small FPS counter in the top left corner, just below your character HP/MP
(Note for me, the left ctrl works for FPS counter versus right ctrl doesn’t work for it)
Shift + A / Ctrl + A: Toggles your auto-attack, a bit useful beside having to open up options, find the game tab, and check/uncheck it each time. Also, annoying when you use your wasd directional keys and you end up pressing Ctrl/Shift while turning left for any reason.
Ctrl + Click on an item: In terms of storage, this move the item you’ve clicked to the first available slot in your warehouse storage. In terms of selling items to NPC’s, this automatically sells it over without drag/drop. In terms of Auction House, this automatically moves the item selected into the sale window.
Shift + Click on an item: This will move an item on that current tab, wether it be inventory or warehouse, to the next available slot on the next tab, if there is no available space, I believe nothing happens.
Shift + Back-click on a stacked item: This will bring up the option of "Item Distribution", in layman’s terms, it seperates things into smaller stacks. Simply input a number to remove that many from that stack to create a new stack of that number. Example: A stack of 4 reflex potions using this action on them, type the number 2 and enter. A new stack of 2 reflex potions is made with the 2 remaining reflex potions in the other stack.
Back-click on another player: This automatically changes your chat line to W and inputs the player’s name you want to whisper in there, in other words, do this to whisper another place efficiently, also can be done off names in the chat box. You can also do this for another way to ignore people, back-click them, move the line cursor all the way to the left, and type /ignore in front of the name with a space. Used to do this way before spammers were few in number.
Back-click on equipment: Its probably not that big of a conservative on time and use but when you back-click on an equipment, it will equip that item for you, if you already have something of that item equipped, it will exchange the items and move your item you had equipped to the place of the item you just equipped.
Enter key: Bet you thought it would only be to activate chat right? Well there are a list of uses for it, but the general idea is the "accept" function to questioning pop-ups. As a few I know, things such as requests for party invites, pressing enter will accept it, but for something like war entry, you can’t spam the enter button and hope it’ll shove you in first.
A HUGE tip for those crafters: The enter key acts as the "okay" button when you are breaking items down into materials, in other words, instead of mousing over the item and confirming it each time, you can just click to break and press enter, and cycle that with less stress on your hand to do a tedious job.
(I’ll try to make a short video to demonstrate this, it’ll probably just show it, since my video editing skills suck right now)
Z key: Auto-targets nearest player of an opposing nation during nation war. Can also be done by clicking the mouse wheel if available. Note that while it is useful in Nation War, it does not take effect at a long range, I’d say maybe a range of 6-8 it takes effect, so don’t expect to target someone just out of your vision then dash + force kick over there how they never see it coming.(confirmed for nation war, will later test for war channels if caps ever come out of their foxholes…)
Clicking while down/knocked-back: This is said to allow to to recover from this status quicker, in reality it really doesn’t, but its rather not doing it makes you recover slower. In war, I find my character down, I tend to spam like my BM2 special or a high level skill to retaliate with when I get up, but my character may stay down for even up to 20 seconds. I believe its that when you spam-click outside your character to recover, you get up at its true recovery time. Versus when you don’t, your character does it a bit later, and you may be put into a "down lock" when several characters hit you and you don’t force an immediate recovery, showing you down longer than from being put down by 1 opponent.
How to fly: Sit on your keyboard till you heard a loud crack, and you should start flying.
Warning: This may not or will not work, fly at your own discretion.
The Roflcopter: Open up Text to Speech, find Microsoft Sam for a voice, type "soi soi soi soi" over and over in preview line, hit preview, enjoy. Roflcopter Throttle: Change the speed of the words.
Help Section details out enough for you to play the game, I detail enough for you to own the game.
Sources are needed to give credit! Or at least where some should be credited.
FPS – Past thread on someone asking about an FPS counter versus something like FRAPS
Z-key – Provided by Lunalove and Filthy Briggand
Auto-Attack – Ashcr0ft’s reply to my problem about having auto-attack disabled periodically
All else – Trail and error by me, accidental discovery, boredom and mashing mouse and keyboard =D

Credits go to JamesPants.