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cabal force shielder pvp build

Dreamlight (PvE stun-lock combo – constant support for the thread)
Khen (PvE stun-lock combo)

Thanks alot for ur information ^^ i hope more ppl will put down their ideas/suggestions too and if your ideas are accept ill add ur name to this list =)

hi i dunno if theres already a similar thread. Jus hoping to share my experiences while playing my FS. hope u guys can contribute and help out each other too =) any lvl helps.

A short Introduction bout me~

Im currently a lvl 108 FS playing on the venus server. Im completer on both sword and magic. My equips are fair but not great. I got owned ALOT. Which is why i learned alot too. Dare not say im the best but i have my fair share of wins. =) ign: Mario. im usually bz ingame, but i been gettin lots of qns so im putting this up. (sry if i didnt reply u ingame)

About CabalSea & FS now (also y to choose sword fs)~

Seriously i wouldnt suggest magic FS for the time being. It is true magic FS have the advantage over sword FS in pvp. The range, the short casting time. Yes these helps. But truthfully i hav not lost to a single magic FS yet (without the use of shadow shield). The reason is because the current stead of the game does not have transcender (I will provide more information about transcender skill if neccessary) so it doent really gives sword FS that much of a disadvantage.
Few more reasons as follow-

1. U pump magic u get less def and if u play magic, u NEED mortal bane. I knock almost all magic FS out in 5 or less hits.
2. Not much Amp gear atm.
3. Little or almost no high lvl crafters
4. Sword Fs = better at PvE = better at farming for items = important now
(Accepts feedbacks before putting more info up, getting ready of flames =,=)

PvP/PvE Combos~

ok firstly my pvp combo (with mortal bane)-

force kick – shield splinter – shield ray – shield break – shield splinter – shield ray – shield explosion.

ok for normal pvp (without mortal bane)-

shield splinter – shield break – shield explosion – shield splinter – shield ray
(earth divide used too..normally once incase skill havent cooldown)
*uses storm crush as finishing move*

ok for pve combo (im nt goin to put down order, jus skills i use)-

shield break – shield explosion – shield splinter – BoJ
(earth divide and shield ray incase skill havent cooldown)

PvE stun-lock combo

Ss> BoJ> Sb> BoJ (do this in order but not in combo mode)
BoJ> Ss> Sr> BoJ> Sb> Sr (do this in combo, its pretty good)


Some small tips to share in pvp (generally ideas against any class)~

1. If ur intending to use mortal bane, dun rush into combo.
2. If ur USING mortal bane in the match, try to get off as many hits as possible before you get hit even ONCE. (it can be done)
3. Fade step work wonders.
4. Fade stepping alot or at the wrong time just makes you a monkey. (u’ll get knocked out without even landing much hits)
5. Force kick is great in mortal bane. (u’ll only get 1 chance in 1 pvp dun waste it)
6. Becareful while using dash/fade step/force kick in combo practise before using it in pvp.
7. Look before u play. Dun just start combo when pvp starts. Classes like fb have a habit of starting off the match with dot then locking u.
8. Breaking a combo early (1 or 2 combo then break) means ur probably a goner. If u notice, combo has quite a few seconds of cooldown.
9. Using Shadow Shield now almost ensure us a 100% win. So i reccomend discussing whether to use or not before using them.
10. I forgot this really important point. Use ur combo =)
*. Sword Fs pls dun use BoJ.


PvP Using Mortal Bane!

Alright! sorry guys for the long delay. Im now going to talk about how to handle urself best if ur intending to pvp with mortal bane.
I will explain what are the reccomended steps to take. Of course, there are many different variation of attacks u can use so im hoping for feedbacks again.

Set 1 (be some distance away from ur target)-
1. Shield ray
2. Fade step
3. Combo start
4. Force kick
5. Shield splinter
6. Shield break
7. Shield splinter

this way allows you to get quick damage from shield ray and force kick, buying some time b4 u get hit. I use this set against melee classes in general.

Set 2 (nuke completer, close to ur target)-
1. Shield splinter
2. Fade step
3. Fade step
4. Combo start
5. Shield splinter
6. Shield break

the idea of this set is to repeat completer asap.

Set 3-
1. Force kick
2. Shield splinter
3. Fade step
4. Combo start
5. Shield splinter
6. Shield break
*. do Se,Sb,Sr but jus repeat completer asap.

this set is not reccomended against force archers. As you will be starting combo late and Fas can keep u locked down once they start combo and u didnt.

Fade step tips!

OK! i can never emphasize how important this is in a PvP match. It basically have 3 functions.

1. Giving you and ur opponent some distance.
2. Disrupting ur opponent
3. Causes ur opponent to lose their target thus they have to select u again.

Fade step most importantly causes ur opponent to break their combo. It can even determind the outcome of a match!

Now you can never be 100% sure when ur opponent is doin combo. But theres some sign where they are most probably in combo and at those time will be great for some fade steps. So heres the tips on when to properly use ur fadesteps.

1. Ur target starts walking towards u and i mean really keep following u. This is really obvious as they r tryin to get in range for their skill. (normally for melee)
2. When the match start and ur target is jus a**** there. This mean hes jus starting combo. A really good time to fade.
3. When u break ur combo. Always do fade steps when this happens.
*. The idea is to do fade when ur target is in combo and break them. After that start ur combo and beat him down .

Some helpful PvP hints-

1. After fade step you will hav some distance between u n ur target. My suggestion is to use a range skill to start off ur combo.
2. Force kick is extremely useful in mortal bane.
3. Force kick is extremely useful in combo.
4. DO NOT fade step too much. u’ll be wasting precious time.

Ok now abit of discussion of skills. As you guys have notice theres a limit to how many skills you can learn at a time. Improving your skill rank give you more slots to learn more skill. People always complain about the lack of slots but i assure you that theres more then enough next time (not refering to upgrade skills). You should try to always learn your skills at Bloody Ice as theres some skills which is not available at other cities.

Ok like i mentioned in the previous post, CabalSEA is still developing. So heres some information on skills which hopefully can help u guys.

1. At completer skill rank you will have
-Sword 19 Slot
-Magic 24 Slot
-Upgrades 5 Slot
2. Do not just add your upgrade skills. Unlearning skills then learning others can waste up to million of alz.
3. Improving your skill rank gives extra stats.
4. At lvl 10 you will be able to do combo. (this is EXTREMELY important)
-At lvl 20 you will get ur aura mode. (they all work the same. just look different)
-At lvl 30 you will get battle mode 1. (counter-attacker mode)
-At lvl 40 you will just lvl up all those mentioned above.
-At lvl 50 you will get ur battle mode 2. (shield master and also a skill which can only be used in this battle mode, the shield storm)

-this is basically it. realise other than combo start which will be stuck at lvl1, the others will lvl up as you complete ur rank up quests (the ones u do every 10 lvls)
5. You can stack aura mode and battle mode when you reach a certain lvl and finishes its rank up. (i forgot what lvl need some help ><)
6. Notice that in batte mode 2 you can only use a fixed amount of skills.
7. You can combo in battle modes when you reach a certain lvl and finishes its rank up. (i forgot what lvl need some help ><)
8. Special skills like astral bike and board is obtained thru quests in game. (e.g. you will auto learn astral bike skill after completing lvl 80 rank up quest)
9. Holding the Ctrl button and using a skill allow you to show off ur skills even in town. (works for astral board/bike/bm/aura too)
10. At higher lvl skill amp is more important than raw dmg.

Upgrade Skills to get (Sword FS)-

1. Vitality Mastery
2. Offensive Sense
3. Defensive Sense
4. Impact Control
5. Damage Absorb

Upgrade Skills to get (Sword FS)(Alt.)-

1. Vitality Mastery
2. Offensive Sense
3. Defensive Sense
4. Reflex
5. Impact Control/Sixth Sense

*IMO the 1st build is better.

Upgrade Skills to get (Magic FS)

1. Vitality Mastery
2. Force Control
3. Defensive Sense
4. Ruiling Force
5. Damage Absorb

Above are just some ideas you can follow. If you have a better build in mind just post them here and i’ll add them in thanks =)
**UPDATED 18/4**

OK now to talk about what skill lvl ur skills should be at. This is my personal opinion and i am more than happy to receive feedbacks of your build =).
I am only going to list skills commonly used and not all.

Sword Skills

Dash – lvl 9
Fade step – lvl 9
Storm Crush – lvl 20 (i only use this as finisher in PvP)
Force Kick – lvl 20 (i use this in mortal so even damage counts =))
Shield Explosion – lvl 20 (As mentioned, even at lvl 20 the cd is fine)
Shield Ray – lvl 20 (As mentioned, even at lvl 20 the cd is fine)
Earth Divide – lvl 20 (Even at lvl 20, the cd is fine)
Shield break – lvl 9 (Low cd and good damage)
Shield Splinter – lvl 9 (4 secs cd is great + good damage)

Magic skills

Crushing Blade – lvl 20
Shield Harden – lvl 20
Resist Intention – lvl 20 (putting points in only gives more duration)
Mortal Bane – lvl 20
Shadow Shield – As high as possible (sorry i have yet to max magic)
Blade of Judgement – lvl 20 (this is not reccomened but i only use BoJ occasionally for stuns during PvE only. SFS pls never use this skill in PvP)
Cannons – lvl 20 (for MFS)
Lances – lvl 9 (for MFS)

OK how for some tips on how to lvl ur skill. Theres 3 methods in general. Dummy, Punching, Combo. I will state down the pros and cons.

1. Dummy

Pros: Can afk overnight to skill.
Pretty fast in the first 30%.

Cons: Can only skill pass 30% after completing lvl9 rank up quest.
Dummy dies, you stop. (so aim 1 that has more life if ur intending to afk for a long time)
Amazingly slow after first 30%.
If ur a****g in PK chns there are some idiots which like to kill you for fun.

2. Punching

Pros: Faster than dummy after first 30%.
Can afk although not for long.

Cons: You need to check back every once in awhile to drink pots.
You need to check back every once in awhile incase ppl kill off the mob ur punching.
You need to check back every once in awhile incase you get pked.
Probably cannot wear adept set as you need good armor to tank.

3. Combo

Pros: The fastest way to gain skill exp
You will receive bonus for excellent/good in combo.
No K-S/pk problem

Cons: Cannot afk at all
Burns more pots as compared to the other methods

OK! I know you guys might be thinking, Oh! more cons means it lousier. Well it doesnt work that way. So i’ll do a slight breakdown as in which way is fastest.

In the first 30%,


After 30%


At completer lvl now, doing combo non-stop gives me 1pt at a average of 10mins. Punching about 1-2 pts in an hr. Dummy is about 1 pt every hr.

I will list down the skills i use while doing combo.

Sword : Impact stab – rising shot – flash draw (all at lvl 9)
magic : Magic arrow – wind arrow – terra arrow (all lvl 9)


Ok ill be stopping for now. If you guys hav any qns or wishes to contribute anythin feel free to post here or send me a private message in this forum or if ur playing in venus my ign is Mario. I will be collect more feed backs and updating again asap. I realise theres alot of ppl actually viewing this thread and im really happy. but i do hope u guys can post ur thoughts about my posts (like if u dun understand certain part ill be glad to explain). tats all folks. enjoy ^^

Credits go to Furi.