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cabal force blader stat build


NEW ON THIS GUIDE : new picture for introduction[credits to user WeaponX5 from photobucket[15th Sep 08]
This guide will no longer be updated [inculding of new fb bm2, coz i ady quit fb like dam long ago,and have quited cabal]-_-

Purple word statment need to be comfirm,please help

Table of content-*To search for what you want to find in this guide,press Ctrl+F and key in the section number,eg 3.2*

1-Basic of cabal
1.1-Basic of what to know when playing

2-About force blader
2.1-State to add
2.2.2-Basic Quests
2.3.1-Skill Training and basic Skill infomation
2.3.2-skill ranking and its importance
2.3.3-Aura and Battle mode
2.4-FB’s available skill
2.5-FB’s recommaned equiment

3-Others information
3.1-Skill cost and detail explaination
3.3-Useful link


5-Help line!
5.1-Tip and suggestion


1-Basic of cabal

1.1-Basic of what to know when playing

CABAL has 6 classes. Those 6 are Warriors, Wizards, Bladers, Force Bladers, Force Archers, and Force Shielders.
Each class has their ups and downs, their wins and fails, But This guide will only be focusing on Force Blader

There is a class up quest every 10 lvl

The Rewards
Lv.10 – Combo Skills
Lv.20 – Battle Aura Skills
Lv.30 – 1st Battle Mode Skills
Lv.40 – Guild Creation Authority, Amulet of Bless +1
Lv.50 – 2nd Battle Mode Skills
Lv.60 – Titanium Glove with 2 Defense Rate Slots
Lv.70 – Titanium Helmet +3 with 1 Defense Rate Slot
Lv.80 – Astral Bike Summoning Skill
Lv.90 – Osmium Helmet +3 with 1 Defense Rate Slot
Lv.100- Personal Storage Expansion

What up what State?
Attack – Dmg
Attack Rate – Accuacry
Def – Def
Def Rate – Avoidablity
Critical Rate inc – more Chance to strike a critical
Critical Dmg inc – more dmg done in critical hit

What the short form stand for?
PvP – player versus player
PvE – Player versus environment
Pk – Player Kill
DPS – damage per seconds
DOT – damage over time
FB – Force Blader [lol]
KoS – kill on sight
GD – Green Despair
DS – Desert Scream
BI – Bloody Ice

1.2-Combo[obtain at lvl 10 class up quest]

Combo Mode
Combo mode allows you to execute skills quicker than normal and deal a greater amount of damage as well without a miss
Make sure that your cool down times are low enough for your skills so that you may keep a continuous flow of combo. Here is how the combo meter works.

First of all, this is what your meter looks like as soon as you initiate combo.

In combo, there are a few levels of combo success. Miss, Bad, Good, and Excellent. The better your timing, the more damage you deal.

Let’s start with the miss scenarios

Pressing too early or
Pressing too late.

Bad scenarios

Pressing somewhere near the first bar or
Pressing slightly too far after the second bar.

Good scenarios

Pressing somewhere near the second bar or
Pressing just after the second bar.

Excellent scenario

Pressing right on the second bar.

Also, as your combo counter increases, the range of success shrinks and the speed at which the meter fills increases.

1-5 Combo
Fills to full in 0.5 seconds. (All times are approximate).

6-10 Combo
Fills to full in 0.35 seconds.

12-Infinity Combo
Fills to full in 0.25 seconds.

*picture for 6-10 and 12-infinity are edited,its just a estimation*[hard to take screenshot while comboing >.<]

2-About Force Blader

-Force Blader, Hometown: Green Despair-
The force blader is magic & sword slash class.
Force bladers equip katanas and orbs and use the battle set for balanced defense and avoid to fit the force blader’s balanced build.
Force bladers have a unique balance between magical damage and physical damage. The fact that force bladers absolutely must have both magic and sword skills makes them slightly harder to train and less for beginners.
Though force bladers have a bumpy road up, they even out with all the other classes in the end.

+ Perfectly balanced to fit all situations
+ Powerful AoE skills

- Hard road on the way up
- Balancing both sword and magic,resulting more effort in skilling

2.1-State to add

Every level up you will gain 5 AP to add
*NOTE*Class Up Requirements are there for you to follow
Every 10 levels you are given the opportunity to increase your class rank.
Increasing class rank is essential for obtaining special skills and sometimes give you hefty rewards as well. At levels 10, 20, 30, 40, 50, and 60, you must have the minimum stats that your character window (C) provides.
After level 60, the stat requirement for class up is gone, so you can start to branch off in whatever stat build you want.
*NOTE* most recommanded to follow the requirment of equiment

FB growth chart


[Done by windforce]


Training, or grinding, in this game is quite similar to most other games, but there are some oddities and techniques that I would like to share with you all.

Suggested Training Method
I highly suggest that you use combo and combo only when only training on general mobs. Things like aura mode and your battle modes 1 & 2 should be saved for instant dungeons and when you’re in tight spots.
Using combo is also the best for leveling your skills, but that is not for this section to explain.

Suggested Training Locations
Everyone has a favorite map and a favorite mob that they just can’t stop whacking and slashing away at. When it comes to training, the best type of monster to kill would be monsters with an orange or red name.
These monsters give you the most EXP you can possibly get. All the different colors of mobs include:
Grey – Much weaker than you. Usually gives you no exp at all.
Pale Green – Slightly weaker than you. Usually gives you very little exp, sometimes none.
Yellow – At your level. Usually give you decent exp, but not great exp.
Orange – Slightly stronger than you. Usually gives you good exp.
Red – Much stronger than you. Usually gives you the best exp you can possibly get.

Factors for EXP gain

1. The damage you deal. The damage you deal to a monster dictates how much exp you get from it. This is the reason why CABAL uses an exact damage system (where if the monster has 10 hp left, even your best skill will only deal 10 damage).
That means that each monster has a certain capacity of exp, but the more damage you deal the more exp you will get. This also means that you do NOT need to actually kill the monster to gain EXP, simply dealing damage to it will give you something.

2. Level gap. The larger the level gap is, the more or less exp you gain. The amount is not constant, and it’s also a pretty big gap between each color. The difference between yellow color monsters and red color monsters is quite substantial.

3. Optimal mobbing. In order to gain the most possibly experience in one hit, it is best to attack 4 monsters at once. When you exceed 4, you hardly bring in any extra exp to the table.
That is why people who mob 8 monsters at once gain just about the same amount as those who only mob 4.
Keep this in mind for the future. This mostly prevents you from gaining 10% in one mob and making leveling too easy and pointless.

And if you are bored of training by killing monster,you could also try quest which is quite benifitical in term of EXP and earning
Like dungeon quest,which ‘some’ could be repeatable and you can keep going in to level or skilling in peace with no one disturbing you

2.2.2-Basic Quests

Yes my friends, be glad to hear that CABAL has quests, many, MANY quests. Here’s a run down of the types of quests you might face.

Destroy Mobs: Some quests simply ask you to kill mobs. Whether it be 3 or 30, all you have to do is kill.
Collection Quests: Some quests ask you to collect items from mobs instead of just kill them. These end up becoming the most hated quests in the game, so beware!
Instant Dungeon: Some quests have you enter a disclosed location and successfully destory all mobs / find an NPC / kill the boss at the end. These are perhaps the most fun type of quest you can get.
Environment Collection: Some quests ask you to run out to a special location on the map and get something from a statue or a structure. Very simple, but it usually requires you to run through mobs that are much higher level than you.
NPC Socializing: Some quests require you to simply chat with an NPC and it’s all done.

The bulk of your quests will be received from level 1 – 40. On average you will have 5 or 6 quests per level, and quests are usually more than enough to level you up with minimal amounts of on the side training. I would mostly say it is because of quests that people can reach level 30-35 in 2 days.

Be aware that every job has a slightly different quest list, and that difference is seen in their specific class quest list. The quest menu eventually branches off into different categories, and if you are a blader, your Blader Quests will not be the same as say a force blader who has Force Blader Quests. Other than this slight difference, all classes get the same quests and it is advisable to find a friend to party and quest with.

2.3.1-Skill Training and basic Skill infomation

Skill training is the process of taking off some extra time to level up your skill rank. Typical methods of skill training are:
1. Using novice/apprentice skills on monsters that give you 0 exp[Yes,0exp,It works]
2. Punching target that give you at least 1 exp
3. Killing dungeon doors
4. Training Dummies

2.3.2-Skill ranking and its importance
In cabal skill lvling start from novice[lowest rank] to transcender[highest rank]
In order of rank from lowest to highest is
Novice->Apperntice->Regular->Expert->Advance Expert->Master->Advance Master->Grand Master->Completer->Transcender

It is recommanded to make both sword and magic rank as high as you can
yes, BOTH! why is that so? even when if someone say magic is not as important,you need to rank up your magic to unlock those buff skill
and as well obtain bonus from lvling ur sword/magic skill rank

In the end you get the following stat boost:

+96 STR, +192 DEX, +96 INT, +810 HP, +810 MP quite alot issint it?

These bonus you get from ranking up is automatic added to your state

How does Skill ranking works and how do you even get skill point?

*If your skill slot have little space,its advisable to unlearn some lower lvl skill or rank up your skill to get more skill slot

By using caculation,and using Rank/B,I can determind each rank how many A you need to rank up
The below is for FB sword and magic only,since sword and magic have equal lvl


Total Skill point[sword and magic each] : 880!WOW thats alot ._.

*NOTE*A skill do not used only 1 skill point per lvl,if you up a skill to above lvl 9,it will used 2-5 skill point just for 1 lvl for that skill
Lvl 2-9 : used 1 skill point per lvl
Lvl 10-12 : used 2 skill point per lvl
Lvl 13-15 : used 3 skill point per lvl
Lvl 16-18 : used 5 skill point per lvl
Lvl 19-20 : used 10 skill point per lvl

So if you count,a skill require around 58 skill point to be max thats why you have so much skill point at begin with

And by the way,Skill is not free, you actually have to buy your skill from npc
higher the rank of the skill,the higher it cost,but some skill can be obtain from class up quest like aura and battle mode
and also you could reset skill point by paying,higher the skill rank and lvl,the more expensive it is to reset
cost of each skill can be found at bottom of the guide

2.3.3-Aura and Battle mode
Aura and Battle mode is a skill which allow the user to power up within a short peroid of time
*NOTE* some skill could not be used in battle mode

Aura Mode[obtain at lvl 20 class up quest]
A battle aura is basically a temporary super buff.
All of your stats are boosted for a period of time to help you kill more effectively.
Auras have different elements based on how you answer the series of questions they ask you. So in a sense,
your preferences should end you up with your favorite element.
Element available is Earth,Fire,Wind,Water,Ice and Lighting
*NOTE*Please note that the elements are PURELY GRAPHICAL.
The element you choose does not affect the stats you get and any advantages over other elements

Before going on,here is some range magic skill you can use

Novice rank[Arrow]
Magic Arrow
Terra Arrow
Aqua Arrow
Wind Arrow
Fire Arrow
Freezing Arrow
Lightning Arrow

Apprentice rank[Blast]
Magic Blast
Stone Blast
Aqua Blast
Wind Blast
Fire Blast
Ice Blast
Lightning Blast

Regular rank[Lance]
Magic Lance
Terra Lance
Aqua Lance
Wind Lance
Fire Lance
Freezing Lance
Lightning Lance

Expert rank[Cannon]
Magic Cannon
Stone Cannon
Aqua Cannon
Wind Cannon
Fire Cannon
Crystal Cannon
Lightning Cannon

These skill listed above could be used for low lvl training or magic skilling

Arrow and Blast: Single target attack[use arrow on high hp mob to skill or pratice that u do no keep switching]

Best DPS: Earth>Fire>Aqua>Ice>others (applies to both lances/cannons)

Lances[knockdown]: shorter cast time, better DPS, smaller AoE[hit all the monster infront of the target you aimed]

Cannons[knockback]: longer cast time, worse DPS, bigger AoE[hit all the monster around the target

*NOTE*lightning seem to the the lousiest range magic there is,due to its slow casting and DPS

Battle mode 1[obtain at lvl30 class up quest]

Force Enchanter[usage 1 SP bar] – Enchant your weapon with force to increase your abilities.
-How to use this battle mode-
This mode allow user to cast buff skill onto the user with magic attacking skill[listed above] for short period of time
meaning if the user cast aqua cannon,it will change into a buff
each element attack will be transform into a buff base on the element

List of element buff

Enchantment Attack – Magic, Ice, Fire, Lightning
Attack and Defense Rate – Wind
Defense Up – Earth
Hp,Mp,Hp recovery – Water

As you can see, I listed magic, ice, fire and lightning together, because they are all attack enchanting buffs and cannot be stacked.
Choose lightning for the highest Atk buff
So basically you can have 4 buffs at 1 time, which is the same as your normal magic buffs,but stronger[even with lvl 1 arrow]

BM1 will cancel ALL your other buff skill in meantime

Battle mode 2[obtain at lvl 50 class up quest]
Blade Shooter[usage 1 SP bar] – Transform your orb into an astral cannon.This is one of the few battle mode IIs that allow you to use your normal skills.
-How to use this battle mode-
This mode allow user to use cannon attack by absorbing ‘energy’ each time you use a sword skill[not magic skill]
And after being ‘charge up’ you could use a MAGIC attack skill,eg Stone cannon
when you use this skill when battle mode 2 is up,the skill power is being increased depending how long you ‘charge’ it
meaning the more sword skill you used,the stronger the cannon get

From my studies,BM2 cannon work this way:
lvl 1 : blue cannon : not charged at all,could not fire any shot
lvl 2 : yellow cannon : a weak charged cannon
lvl 3 : orange cannon : a med charged cannon
lvl 4 : red cannon : fully charged

using 1 sword skill will increase the power of the cannon by 1 lvl [i make up the lvl for you to understand better]

*NOTE* BM2 cannon shot can pierce multipe target if you aim well
the cannon shot effect depend on what element magic you use,but not sure for dmg

Bonus Skill of Battle mode 2[obtain along with Battle mode 2]
Prismatic Blade Cannon - this skill can be casted at battle mode 2 ONLY
This skill is one of the best AOE dmg skill a FB can get at lvl 50,which at lvl 50 it self,it could 1 hit KO moscutter queen,lug queen and many dungeon monster,to make your quest finish faster

[ON BM1 for super power buff,BM2 for super AOE attack]

2.4-FB’s available skill
Force Blader Skills (Sword)

Fade Step/Novice[Movement Skill] – Quickly run further away from an enemy
Force Stab/Novice -Stab a target with a force enhanced sword
Dash/Apprentice[Movement Skill] -Increase one’s movement speed for a short period of time
Force Slash/Apprentice – Stab twice with a Force enhanced sword
Force Break/Apprentice – Every time swings the sword forces get added more and more.
Illusion Stab/Regular – Multiple Stab with added force
Soaring Shot/Regular – Cut down a target using a force enhanced sword
Dance of Ruin/Expert – Jumps towards enemy to cause critical damage
Force Assault/Expert – While in dash, quickly stabs the enemy
Force Drive/Expert – Casts dash on sword to attack enemy faster
Infernal Stigma/A.Expert – Stomping opposing force by hell stigma
Abyssal Crystal/Master – Cast condensed negative force to enemy
Force Impact/A.Master – Using unstable force attcking enemy surroundings by massive explosion
Infernal Impact/G.Master – A manifestation of hell that is relentless towards your enemies
Assassinate/Completer – Engrave a stigma on the back of the victims and destroyes them with a stigma

*NOTE* Abyssal Crystal is the only range sword skill
For sword skill i hope you could try out which combination is the best,experiment the cooldown to match what you desire
I don’t have a ‘ultimate skill build’ here

but if there is a need

Originally Posted by cabalonline forum

-Force Assault lv 20 (Pvp skill)
-Force slash lv 20 (Pvp skill)
-Illusion stab lv 20
-Dance of ruin lv 18-20 (again, up to you)
-Infernal stigma lv 18-20 (18 or 20 up to you)
-Round Cut lv 20
-Force impact lv 18-19
-Abbysal crystal 18-20
-Infernal impact lv 9

For Round Cut,is not suggested to get,as many people find it useless in 1 way or another
also note that assassinate is not in this build,but recommanded to get it to lvl 9 as well

Force Blader Skills (Magic)

Regeneration/Novice – Enables its user to naturally restore the HP even when in battle
Enchant/Novice – Cast magic on the Sword
Earth Guard/Apprentice – Using mother earth force to strengthen the armor
Fire Blade/Apprentice – Casts Fire on to the Sword
Blind/Regular – Weakens opponent Attack Level
Guard Break/Regular – Weakens enemies defense ability
Ice Blade/Regular – Casts ice on the Sword
Wind Movement/Regular – Using force of air strengthen ability of Attack and Defense
Lower Defense/Expert – Weakens opponents Defense ability
Aqua Vitality/Expert – using force from water to increase health and mana
Lightning Blade/Expert – Casts lightning on swords
Enervation/A.Expert – Weakens opponents Level
Resist Intension/Master – A will that enable you to endure
Execration/A.Master – Concentrate your enegry to curse a target
Hard Luck/G.Master – A wheel of infinte misfortune
Darkness/Completer – Temporarily blind a target to decrease the attack range
Field of Enervation/Transcender – Decrease the level of multiple enemies
Mana Freeze/Transcender – Temporarily limit a target’s adjustable maximum mana
Field of Execration/Transcender – Blind multiple enemies on thier spots

For Magic Skill i highely recommand to get and max Earth guard,Wind Movement,Aqua Vitality and Lightning Blade
these 4 skill is so far the best buff skill you can get
*NOTE*you could add a lower lvl buff skill while waiting for higher lvl buff skill
eg.get Regeneration while waiting to get Aqua Vitality

you can stack 2 sword enchantment after you finish BSLV140
Upgrade Skills

Upgrade skills are passive skills that add to your abilities without even using them.
But to lvl up upgrade skill you have to buy each level,NOT just clicking ‘+’[which i think theres none for upgrade skill]

Vitality Mastery/Novice+ – Increase max HP
Mana Mastery/Novice+ – Increase max MP
Reflex/Apprentice+ – Increase defense rate
Sharp Eyes/Apprentice+ – Increase hit rate
Offensive Sense/Regular+ – Increase physical damage
Defensive Sense/Regular+ – Increase defense
Force Control/Regular+ – Increase magical damage
Change Force (Sword to Magic)/Expert – Sword skill exp becomes magic skill exp
Change Force (Magic to Sword/Expert – Magic skill exp becomes sword skill exp
Impact Control/G.Master+ – Greatly increase physical damage
Damage Absorb/G.Master+ – Greatly increase defense
Eyes of Mind/G.Master+ – Greatly increase hit rate
Sixth Sense/G.Master+ – Greatly increase defense rate
Ruling Force/G.Master+ – Greatly increase magical damage.

*NOTE*The G.Master upgrade skills can be stacked with the other upgrade skills, so you can actually have 2 attack upgrade skills, 2 defense upgrade skills,
eg.Defensive Sense+Damage Absorb

*NOTE*Vitality Mastery is a must have for any job,low hp mean u die faster
Magic Boost upgrade is not needed,unless u planning to use magic cannon for rest of your life without a sword skill

Overall After getting Vitality Mastery,its up to you what you wan get,its your choice

2.5-FB’s recommaned equiment

All stat requirements are for the body piece of armor, which requires the most.
There are a total of 4 pieces of armor for each set, and every piece adds the same amount of defense and defense rate.
Divide the total defense/defense rates by 4 to get individual piece stats.
Equiping a full set results in a +3 defense, +3 defense rate bonus.

Battle Set

Battle Set
Total Defense:8
Total Defense Rate:12
Force Blader Requirements: 21 STR / 21 INT / 16 DEX

Reinforced Battle Set
Total Defense:40
Total Defense Rate:60
Force Blader Requirements: 33 STR / 33 INT / 25 DEX

Silk Battle Set
Total Defense:72
Total Defense Rate:108
Force Blader Requirements: 57 STR / 57 INT / 43 DEX

Aramid Battle Set
Total Defense:104
Total Defense Rate:156
Force Blader Requirements: 83 STR / 83 INT / 62 DEX

Bluestin Battle Set
Total Defense:136
Total Defense Rate:204
Force Blader Requirements: 110 STR / 110 INT / 83 DEX

Titanium Battle Set
Total Defense:168
Total Defense Rate:252
Force Blader Requirements: 139 STR / 139 INT / 69 DEX

Osmium Battle Set
Total Defense:232
Total Defense Rate:348
Force Blader Requirements: 195 STR / 195 INT / 146 DEX

Terragrace Battle Set
Total Defense:296
Total Defense Rate:444
Force Blader Requirements: 195 STR / 195 INT / 146 DEX / Lv.99

Mithril Battleset
Total Defense:360
Total Defense Rate:540
Force Blade Requirements: 277 STR / 277 INT / 208 DEX / Lv.115

Most player stick to osmium or terragrace if they have +6/7 of the equiment
Mithril equiment is in a way,hard to get



Attack Strength:3
Magic Attack Strength:3
Force Blader Requirements: 12 STR / 9 INT / 12 DEX

Iron Katana
Attack Strength:15
Magic Attack Strength:14
Force Blader Requirements: 33 STR / 25 INT / 33 DEX

Damascus Katana
Attack Strength:26
Magic Attack Strength:26
Force Blader Requirements: 57 STR / 43 INT / 57 DEX

Shadowsteel Katana
Attack Strength:38
Magic Attack Strength:37
Force Blader Requirements: 83 STR / 62 INT / 83 DEX

Bluestin Katana
Attack Strength:50
Magic Attack Strength:48
Force Blader Requirements: 110 STR / 83 INT / 110 DEX

Titanium Katana
Attack Strength:62
Magic Attack Strength:59
Force Blader Requirements: 139 STR / 104 INT / 139 DEX

Shadowtitanium Katana
Attack Strength:74
Magic Attack Strength:70
Force Blader Requirements: 139 STR / 104 INT / 139 DEX

Osmium Katana
Attack Strength:86
Magic Attack Strength:82
Force Blader Requirements: 195 STR / 146 INT / 195 DEX

Red Osmium Katana
Attack Strength:97
Magic Attack Strength:94
Force Blader Requirements: 195 STR / 146 INT / 195 DEX / Lv.99

Mithril Katana
Attack Strength:109
Magic ATtack Strength:106
Force Blader Requirements: 240 STR / 180 INT / 240 DEX / Lv.115


Crude Orb
Attack Strength:2
Magic Attack Strength:4
Force Blader Requirements: 9 STR / 12 INT / 12 DEX

Red Orb
Attack Strength:13
Magic Attack Strength:16
Force Blader Requirements: 25 STR / 33 INT / 33 DEX

Coraleye Orb
Attack Strength:24
Magic Attack Strength:28
Force Blader Requirements: 43 STR / 57 INT / 57 DEX

Citrine Orb
Attack Strength:35
Magic Attack Strength:40
Force Blader Requirements: 62 STR / 83 INT / 83 DEX

Bluestin Orb
Attack Strength:46
Magic Attack Strength:52
Force Blader Requirements: 28 STR / 110 INT / 110 DEX

Pherystin Orb
Attack Strength:57
Magic Attack Strength:64
Force Blader Requirements: 104 STR / 139 INT / 139 DEX

Aqua Orb
Attack Strength:68
Magic Attack Strength:76
Force Blader Requirements: 104 STR / 139 INT / 139 DEX

Lapis Orb
Attack Strength:80
Magic Attack Strength:88
Force Blader Requirements: 146 STR / 195 INT / 195 DEX

Topaz Orb
Attack Strength:91
Magic Attack Strength:100
Force Blader Requirements: 146 STR / 195 INT / 195 DEX / Lv.99

Mithril Orb
Attack Strength: 103
Magic Attack Strength:112
Force Blader Requirements: 180 STR / 240 INT / 240 DEX / Lv.115

Choice of equiment is indeed more state the better,but try to get those within you budget
don’t come complaining you become broke and started begging for money,its your choice

*NOTE* you can wear other type of equiment as long you can meet the requirment
which for exmaple you can equi an armor boot as long the background of the equiment in your inventory is not highlighted[normally reddish background]
[highlighted equiment mean you can't equi them]

Also when you upgrade your equiment with core,the requirement[Str,Int,Dex] increased as well

this could save you ALOT

3-Others information
This section I will try to show some information which might be useful[but in a mess due to picture adjustment when i upload it]

3.1-Skill cost and detail explaination[This section is mostly in game screenshot]


[and sorry for the small scale picture >.<,try open yours eye abit bigger =x]

there is an addition debuff with Infernal impact[GM skill] which is delvl effect


The Effect for the same Upgrade skill STACKED ON


Obtain at port lux instructer

Force Blader…8563200&rank=7 [Japan FB solo VC]


Combo and skill leveling tip [Stun lock]

3.3-Useful Link

FB skill build discussion

[Reference] Force Blader Sword Skills CD Time, Amp & Upgrade Skills – by windforce

[Guide] Grand Master Collection of CABAL Information – by DuoBlader

*NOTE* I DO NOT CLAIM THIS GUIDE AS MY OWNI would like to thanks the following:

Cabalonline and cabal kr web sites for most of the pictures provided
CabalSea for letting me play the game itself
Forums for allow me to dig out some information here and there
Youtube for the videos and its video ‘producer’
Paint for picture editing
Notepad for store my guide information before it was posted
PhotoBucket for uploading pictures

UltraViolet – for teaching me wad to know about FB[which is quite long ago ._.],which was apply to this guide from what I can still remember and by digging out his old thread for information
FireCloud – for going around helping in forum which provide quite alot of useful information
DuoBlader – some of the information are taken from his guide >.<
User WeaponX5 of photobucket for his picture for the introduction
My self[zKiraz] – for summerise some part and posting more screenshot[ not much anyway]
You – for reading this guide

IF this guide have missing information,mistake,wrong information or you would like to contribute more information, please do so

CHEERS! hope this guide could help those who want play FB =x

Guide posted on playpark forum on 7/march/08 but completed on 13/apirl/08,and sticky on 16/apirl/08


5-Help line!
A small help section to help people make thier gaming life more easy

5.1-Tip and suggestion

Skill lvling1require : hp,def,atk rate and def rate buff[NO ATK UP BUFF],auto atk on,a good location

step1 – find a monster that deal u low dmg and make sure you at a location that ppl wouldn’t disturb you[like dungeon with no time limit]
step2 – u must do 1-4 dmg to the same monster,if not unequi your weapon,or use training weapon[the one u get after you make a char] and try again
step3 – u nid get at least 1 exp[per hit] from that monster you hitting
step4 – on your buff in case you scare you might die
step5 – use normal atk to hit the monster,if the monster hp is high,you can even afk and have a tea break XD[this is legal right? o_o]

this method will be faster if you have good adept equiment,if not average u gain 1 lvl per 15mins+
[pls do not lure too many monster to train your skill,other ppl might need to train and do quest,be consisderate,you don't want anyone to disturb you either,thats why skill train in dungeon is the best][DO NOT USE THIS METHOD ON BOSS MONSTER,IF PEOPLE KILL STEAL YOU IS NOT ANYONE PROBLEM]

Skill lvling2require : combo start skill, enough skill[either all sword or all magic] to cycle up to 12+ hit combo
step1 : target a monster and start combo
step2 : cycle your skill and try not to miss
step3 : slowy see skill exp increase
[this method is use for ppl who wan PURE sword or PURE magic lvling,using in combo resulting casting skill faster with no miss,thus getting more skill exp faster,or try using low lvl magic(arrows) to hunt for item you need for crafting(e.aramid)which use little mp which recover back fast,earning alz,skill exp and item at same time,quite good huh?]

Use less ‘leveled up state’
This actually do not apply to FB,but just wan to share abit
take my blader for eg.
i lvl magic instead of sword……why?
coz i want to use minimum state to add into INT,so that in future i do no nid to reset so much int[and oso i got nth else to do =x]

Most of time different npc will ask you the same monster
to save time and effort,accpect all the "same" cataloge quest and do all in once,eg.
NPC1:ask you kill 20 mummy blader
NPC2:ask you kill 15 mummy blader
NPC3:ask you hunt 10 item drop by mummy blader

sometime this might not work when your lvl is not enough to get required quest,eg.
at lvl 34
NPC1:hunt 20 item drop by monster X
NPC2:hunt 10 item drop by monster Y

when you finish hunting and lvled up,guess what!
NPC1:kill 50 monster X
NPC2:kill 50 monster Y
this is annoying -_-

PLEASE DO ALL YOUR QUEST,if not u suffer the fate like someone in my sever
got 30-40+ quest waiting for him and asking in shout"whats the name of port lux quest?"[The Last Knight,which require you to finish all the 'story' quest before you can get this quest at lvl 50]
yea,don’t blame anyone later


Q:What is the max level for a skill?
20,but some ppl say fade step and dash max at lvl 9,which i have not yet comfirm myself

Q:why people add thier skill until lvl 9 and not lvl 20
At lvl 9,Cooldown for the skill is at its most fastest point,which is useful for ppl who wan to combo with little skill[well who wan to strech thier finger to use 10 diff skill? =x]
At lvl 20,DMG for the skill is at its highest,but the cooldown will be longer,making hard for ppl who want use less skill to combo

Q:Is there any trick to make combo more easy?
Yes,there is.Practice and patience.To master something require time and effort
even for the 1st time playing cabal to reach 6hit combo on 1st few try is a good effort.

Q:My comp lag so much that i can’t combo well!
Mine too.But require Patience.A laggy combo is not that ‘bad’ for me,coz the bar abit buggy when lag >.< but at least i can hit up to 11 combo on average
but of coz a ‘lag free’ comp is always the best.

Q:Why when i lvl up i do not get skill point?A bug?
No,To get skill point pls refer to section "2.3.2-Skill ranking and its importance" of this guide

Q:Why do I keep losing to my friend in pvp even if I’m 15 lvl higher then him?
1- lag will determind the fate of a player in pvp
2- you didn’t use combo while he did,so he cast skill faster and with no miss
3- your experience in pvp is not good enough
4- he got higher skill rank then you,resulting in more state bonus and more powerfull skill to use,thats is why lvl is not important as skill lvl in cabal

Q:why does some ppl have even if they are 30 lvl below me?And im only regular!
These ppl have spend ALOT time and effort grinding on lvling thier skill rank

Q:why does my equiment look so dull compare to other player with the same equiment?
As you might know,equiment come in +0 to +7,the higher the + the more detailed,brighter and shiny the equiment get,but note,higher the +,the more state you r require to wear the equiment

Q:why some time i kill a monster it drop alots of alz? a bug?
No no,its a bonus actually,its call the ‘Alz bomb’,or ‘jackpot’ which drop 10-20x more alz then normal

Q:What is force kick,and how it work?
force kick have the highest range of 12,and at lvl 1 it can stun a target with 75% rate for 2 sec,which come with a shocking cooldown of 72 sec[1min and 12 sec]
which is useful to rush toward a range target[FA,Wiz,MFS] in pvp

Q:Upgrade skill: Def or Def rate?
yet another common question like,Atk or Def?Basically is up to you
but for me i perfer def,becoz i rather be able to endure more dmg then depend on def rate[luck]to kick in for monster to keep miss me,
what will happen if you strike lottery and high monster is able to touch you 10 time in row?[let say 300 dmg per hit] Well,its up to you really
If there is enough upgrade slot,then there is not much a problem i guess

Why do people delete/delvl skill?
Reason is,When you are short of skill point or skill slot,you might need to delvl or delete some old and useless skill,but don’t delete or delvl if you don use it much,wait until when you really need to

Heavy FB?
It had come to attention ALOT of people are discussing about heavy FB,who pump more str to follow Force Sheilder equiment requirement.Personally I am mainly a dex build FB,but my current state[double completer]allow me to wear slotted + titanium armour equi,coz i do not have money for osm[slotted/+] =x personally i find armour set look werid[expect for titanium]Being a heavy FB tend to have higher atk[which is hardy noticeable,see EP2 growth chart by windforce] and def,but terragrace FB will win heavy osm FB in term of def =x

Why lvl skill at lower lvl?
To have that high feeling XD
for me when i just reach completer,i can ‘almost’ win someone who is 20-30 lvl more then me[they are using red osm/lapis,and me using titianium],and they don even know i am 20-30 lvl lower =x
imagine if we close down by 5 more lvl XD you will get the picture =x
It also feel good when your hp is 500-1k more then someone around your lvl
[i oso laugh to myself when i saw lvl 80+ player[normally in osm] at dummy,or using GM skill,time to enjoy your hardwork that you invest at lower lvl XD]
But try to lvl your skill at your own pace,other ppl might have time and you might not

Credits go to zKiraz for summarization and additions, others credited in the guide.