Useful combo tricks – CABAL Online Eu

Ahoy! In this video, I’ll show you how to use movement skills and buffs in combo mode. You can use dash, fade step, blink, and any buff or debuff skill this way. So the basics: you will need to start comboing, far from the target. Press any attack skill, so that your character will start moving. While walking, you can use ANY skill you want! This can be extremely useful when you’re trying to get away from someone, or when you want to position yourself for better area of effect attacks, and you don’t want to stop your combo. A sidenote though: you need a very good internet connection to the server to be able to use fade step or blink, or similarly fast skills.

And even if you have, this takes a lot of practice! If your connection won’t let you, don’t get disappointed just yet! I’ll be making a new video soon about lowering your ping, and avoiding lags! Stay tuned..

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