How does drop rate work? – CABAL Online Eu

Ahoy We’ve got a wonderful 200% drop rate bonus going on right now. I think this is awesome. But! I still hear people around me complaining, that they aren’t getting better drops in dungeons. Apparently, they don’t understand how it works. Let me explain what drop rate REALLY means! Drop rate increases the CHANCE for the monster you kill to drop SOMETHING, a piece of armor, an upgrade core, craft material, or any other item. If you think about a chest: if you have no drop rate boost, it will drop an item. If you have 5000% drop rate boost, it will still drop an item.

Chests are GUARANTEED to drop an item, it doesn’t matter how much drop rate bonus you have! So drop rate doesn’t affect chests. It has no effect on the QUALITY of the drops. However, since it affects monsters Eternal Chaos Arena is more rewarding with drop rate bonus than without it, but none of the other dungeons are affected by it! I hope this will clear the popular misbelief that drop rate bonus will make people find slot extenders left and right. That’s not true!.

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