Easy AFK money (alz)  making in CABAL Online

Ahoy! How do you like the idea of farming easy money while you’re not even near your computer? Well, it is actually possible! Mostly anyways… But before you get too excited, I have to point out that you need some gear to be able to do that. You probably won’t be able to use this trick without getting some experience in the dungeon, or buying gear with enough defense and health steal. So, we’re going to call for the help of the good old Chaos Arena! I’ll be demonstrating this in CA lvl 6, but you can do it in any of them. You only have to enter the dungeon and destroy the gate. This begins the waves, and they will keep spawning whether you kill anything else or not. So, you probably get the idea already: just wait for the boss to appear. In CA6 that happens roughly 13 minutes after the gate is destroyed for the first time. So, you can go for a walk, eat something, read a book, watch your character dance or whatever floats your boat. Just come back in 13 minutes! Once you’re back, is when the fun begins! If you’re strong enough just dive into the crowd and kill the boss! If you’re made of paper like myself, then it’s better to separate the boss from most of the monsters.

And you know what to do… KILL KILL KILL! The chest drops 7 items in every level. Of course, you are most likely to be getting craps, but there’s a tiny chance for rings, perfect cores or even slot extenders! Good luck! If you found this video helpful, please consider sharing it, or subscribing to my channel. Ahoy!.

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