Capping FPS in computer games

Ahoy! I saw an article the other day about how many frames per second the human eye can detect, and that gave me the idea to share something that I’ve been using for a while with my viewers. A method to cap your FPS in Cabal. Now in case you don’t know what I’m talking about, FPS stands for frames per second, which means how many images are displayed on your screen every second. I’m not going to delve into the discussion of how many frames are ideal, that’s everyone’s own business, but there are few things you should consider. First of all, check your screen’s refresh rate. You can do it while adjusting the resolution on your computer, or in many other ways, it doesn’t matter how you do that.

My monitor can not handle more than 60 Hertz. Now, if the screen can not refresh itself more than 60 times a second, then why would I want to display more than 60 FPS? Second, If you let Cabal run at the highest FPS value your computer can handle, it will result in your hardware running at a much higher usage than it is necessary. This leads to increased power consumption, and effectively more money spent on electricity. Also it’s worth mentioning that your hardware might survive longer if you don’t stress it so much. Let me show you how to limit your FPS in Cabal, and basically in any computer game. To display your FPS ingame, press control + U, and a yellow indicator will appear at a spot that is almost completely covered by the overlord level icon. Good job, developers! Now, there are 2 ways to cap your FPS.

If you go to the options you can set your refresh rate. Only the values supported by your monitor are shown here. This is the easiest, and least convenient way, because this ONLY works if your game is in full screen mode. Switch it to window or switchable full screen mode and it won’t work. This is also called vertical sync in other games, which you can almost always set in the options. This is where the 2nd, and harder way comes in the picture. I personally only put the game in full screen mode when I’m recording videos, because in window mode I can browse the internet and listen to music easily. Now, you may have noticed in pretty much every video I’ve ever uploaded that there’s a tiny blue number at the top left corner of the screen. hat indicator is a side effect of a software I’m using to cap my FPS. This software is called Riva Tuner Statistics Server, and it’s visible right here. Let me open that.

It’s a freeware, and you can just search for it on the internet and download it. It has plenty of pre-made applications, but you can create a new one for Cabal, or just set the global value. I chose the global value because I prefer to limit that to 60 in every game. Now, after selecting your preferred game or application, on the right side you can see an entry called “Framerate limit”. This is what we’re looking for, and as you can see I’ve already made that 60.

Just to show that it works, I’ll decrease that to an abnormal amount of 10 so you can see the difference. Well this must be what cabal looks like if your computer is like 10 years old I guess. Anyway, back to 60. Below that, you can choose whether to display your current FPS on your screen. screen. Well, honestly I’m not sure what most of those options do, but you can set the color using this button. You can pretty much choose any color, and down there, at the screen icon you can set where the counter will be with those little buttons. Oh and you may be wondering if this counts as a third party software, well I’ve been using this ever since my previous CPU cooler decided to be quite loud, and wanted to lower the CPU usage and the heat production to slow the fans down and make it more silent. Well that was uhm… years ago and neither of the games I’ve played since then had problems with this software.

I haven’t had any XIGNCODE errors because of that either. Well, it’s that easy. I currently don’t know of any other way to cap your FPS in window mode, so it’s a pretty awesome little utility and I’d definitely recommend it, or at least limiting your FPS in any other way..

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