Cabal Tips for upgrading Chaos Equipment

Ahoy! The new episode introduced a new chaos accessory to the game, among many other changes. I am generally against upgrading things myself, but I have found a method that might help you do it, and I’m going to demonstrate that in this video. But before I begin, a little explanation that I’m sure most of you already know. Chaos gear, such as belts, carnelians, talismans and even the new arcanas, are upgraded using chaos cores.

There are 2 main aspects in which these are different from upgrading regular items: ONE, their success rate is lower, and TWO, upon failure, they are destroyed. Obviously, this is the reason why they are so hard to upgrade. Now, how would you upgrade your regular item? Of course You would grab plenty of upgrade cores, and you start spamming the upgrade button, and pray for the best. ou may even use upgrade points. In those cases, if you fail your item’s grade will simply be lowered a bit, and you can try again. However, in case of chaos equipment, it is entirely destroyed if you fail, so you can’t just try again. This is where my tip comes in! I like to call it the pyramid method, but you can call it whatever you prefer. The advantage of this method, is that you are guaranteed to have 1 item left in the end. Its grade depends on how many you started with, and how lucky you are. The last time I tried upgrading arcanas, I managed to get 1 out of the 5 I started with to +6. So how to begin? You’re going to need lots of chaos cores, and several of the items too.

I’m going to demonstrate this using the arcanas from the new episode. First of all, buy a certain number of those, in this example I’m going to buy 10. Now, start upgrading them one by one. This is the imoprtant part! If one of them succeeds, replace it with one of the lower grades. You’re going to lose some of them on every level. All the remaining of them are +1 at this point. Now upgrade them one by one again to +2! Once you’re done with that, go for +3, and so on. Eventually, you’re going to have only one left. That one will be of the highest grade you could achieve in this upgrading session. Also this is the point where you should stop. If you are not satisfied with your result, you can repeat these steps again, and hope for better luck next time, or you can try again with more items at the beginning. An optional thing to do, is to fail some other items before trying to upgrade your chaos gear, in order to gain upgrade points.

However, I must point out that the success rate, as well as the contribution of upgrade points is much lower compared to your regular items! ou’re probably going to need tens of thousands of upgrade points to spot any real difference in chances. I wouldn’t recommend bothering about that. Well, apparently this time I could only make it to +5 with 10 items to start. Seems like I was much luckier yesterday. It all depends on luck, after all! Anyway, I honestly believe this method should grant much better results than the regular upgrading mode. Good luck with your tries! If you found this video helpful, please consider sharing it, or subscribing to my channel! Ahoy!.

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