Cabal Online gear showcase

My amulet is from Awakened Hazardous Valley. It’s actually the best amulet I’ve found in the dungeon in over 800 runs so far. As you can see the stats are pretty bad though, but I’m hoping to find a new one in my future runs. The rings, well there’s nothing special here. I haven’t been in any tower of the dead b3f runs where the ring was dropped. But I’m hoping to get tempus ring soon. My headpiece is a 40dmg/7rate one. Luckily I bought it with extreme upgrade level 2 because I’ve been terribly misfortunate with extreme upgrading so I’m glad I won’t have to worry about the helm at least.

My bike is an RW3 with actually pretty nice stats. I think this is one the best parts of my set. The 5% critical rate and the defense rate bonus are invaluable for me, and the remote warehouse is an awesome feature. I bought a drei frame epaulet of sage a while ago. There’s nothing special to say about that save for I didn’t find it in MO.

Unfortunately those things are pretty rare. I’m wearing a belt for sage, obviously. I bought this one as well… those who have watched my other videos probably know I’m not exactly fond of upgrading things myself. Anyway it gives me a pretty nice damage boost. My carenalian is +10. I think that is the best bang for your buck, as they say. It has the best benefits for its price, I mean. Higher grade ones are incredibly overpriced. I’ve got 2 identical Topaz orbs. They are also 40/7 like my helm.

Unfortunately, a wizard needs critical rate from every source he can get. Topaz is pretty low grade for my level, but once again 40/7 orbs are extremely expensive, so I’m not planning to swap them anytime soon. I’ve got a SIGmetal martialsuit with 11% amp and 3 max rate. Unfortunately that was extreme grade 1 when I bought it, and I think I’d have to spend as much as it had cost me to get it any higher. The max crit rate is more important than defense though.

My gloves also contain max crit rate, as you can see. I actually managed to epic boost this pair with 6 boosters from the CABALYMPICS event. Well, I was actually surprised 1 of them succeeded, I was expecting to waste all of them. As for the earrings, I’m using vampiric earrings +9. I’ve bought them recently after getting a new pair of boots and aching for more health steal limit. They might have been expensive, but they were worth it for me. The shoes I’ve just mentioned are these. I felt like a little extra defense wouldn’t hurt. Well I was actually disappointed to learn the nearly +100 defense made absolutely no noticable difference in dungeons. I suppose they are at least useful in PVP. Now, the bracelets: I’ve got a pair of siena’s bracelets with penetration in the slots.

This one I bought from someone else, that’s why it has so nice stats, but the other one I crafted myself. Actually, I’ve crafted 62 bracelets so far, and this has been the only one that’s better than a bracelet of sage +7. Perhaps one day I’ll manage to make a better one. My effectors are perfect ones, I bought them both a while ago and they have been serving me well ever since. Especially the one for shadow shield, it has saved my skin more times than I care to remember. I’m using an amber charm +5. That’s mainly for the damage reduction and the extra battle mode time. I wanted to buy a +7 one, but it wouldn’t be worth it with all those crazy prices nowadays. A chaos talisman +7, well I bought this one as well. I’m satisfied with it, but that is mainly because of the health steal limit increase. Quite ironic that I consider this the most important stat of a talisman, but to each his own! Now, the new update introduced arcanas, and I decided to give upgrading a try from 60+ tries so far the best I managed to get was a +8 one of laws.

It’s a pretty nice addition to my set, but terrible result, considering the 4 billion alz worth of cores I spent making it. I bought an arcana of chaos +8. It might have been a little early, but there was a nice sale, so I decided to grab it, after all. It was still the cheapest thing I could improve in my set. Now for the other stuff in my inventory: I’ve got another critical ring +2 to swap with my ring of luck when I’m using aura. I’ve also managed to find a few earrings from the kind GMFrankies during the Halloween hunting. They are ideal for PVP, but pretty much absolutely useless for me in dungeons, once again.

Also there’s an amulet of resistance from the same source that I’m often using during wars. I don’t have any other PVP items, but I’m mostly playing in dungeons with my friends, so I think that’s cool enough. Now let me show you my pet as well. It’s a cute little Garlie that I actually leveled up myself from lvl 1. I bought a pet slot capsule to fill the slots though with something better than what I used to have. There’s the little bugger right there. I’ll just stop dancing.. it’s annoying that my character moves into my pet all the time. Anyway, here’s my most favoritest costume in the game: the pirate! Actually pirate of destruction sounds pretty damn stupid but whatever. I managed to get maximum epic on my first try with the converter I won during an event. All attack up isn’t bad in my opinion, especially if it’s +50. And of course the tricorn hat. No pirate is a pirate without that one. I’m planning to fill the 3rd slot one day, but I’m afraid of losing the 2nd one. Perhaps if I become rich one day, but as you can see in my inventory that’s not exactly that day.

Oh and the titles are also pretty important as well. I’m using The One usually. That ones gives a pretty nice bonus to damage reduction and accuracy. You can get that by reaching a combined level of 1200 on your account. Whenever I’m up against players, howerver I use the title for honor rank 20, The sovereign. You’re probably familiar with that one That is because of the resistance stats. The only thing that can keep me alive for a few seconds on the mission wars is that, probably. As the displayed title I chose I wish to be a pirate. You can receive that if you get killed by a secret boss in Awakened Forbidden Island. Well that’s my equipment. I wish to thank you again for watching all my videos and subscribing to my channel. I never though I’d get this far when I uploaded my first video about luring out Tyrant from the crowd in Chaos Arena. It was only fitting that I made this video in there. Anyway, thank you for watching, I hope you enjoyed it and farewell! O…I mean.. Ahoy!.

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