Cabal Online Destroying gates from both sides Guide

Ahoy! I’ve got a tiny useful trick for you. You know there are those annoying destroyable gates in Maquinas Outpost, Eternal Chaos Arena, and the rest of the arenas too. If you’re outside, you can destroy them but from the inside it’s not quite so simple. I’m going to take Chaos Arena as an example first of all. Let me just respawn. Well that was fast.

Now, I’m going to have to destroy that gate again. Let’s see that from the inside. If you try simply attacking the gate, you’ll see that you can’t really do that. Your character will just start walking towards it. However, there IS a solution: you must look for the spot I’m standing on, and fire away! Keep in mind that only ranged skills work here. There’s another spot around here, if for whatever reason you don’t like the other one. And there, the gate is destroyed. Now you must be wondering what the point of this is. Well let’s move onto Maquinas Outpost, where my party member was killed by me… I mean… by the boss, and is now trying to get back into the fight. This way you can help your partners catch up with you faster. There we go. However, apart from helping your party members get to you sooner, there’s another practical use of this trick.

You can weaken the gate in advance when you have a moment. They respawn, so destroying them isn’t a good idea, but if you keep them in pretty poor conditions, and something kills you behind them, it will take just a small hit to get through them again. Well, I know it’s not much, and I don’t think this is what will get you over the edge of being able to finish Maquinas Outpost alone, but it might help a bit, or your friends might thank you for it sometimes. Enjoy!.

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