Cabal Event items + drop rate bonus — A theory about drop rate

Ahoy! Today I’ve prepared something a little different for you. It’s not a video showing any tips, and neither is it a guide, but more like a theory. It’s about drop rate. I’ve seen so many people complaining about not getting more event items when we had a drop rate bonus from a server boost. Well I’d like to explain to you why. First of all, if you’d like to know more about drop rate, please check out one of my earlier videos there should be a link to that on the screen like… right now. So, once again I’d like to emphasize that this is only my theory, and it might not be how the game actually works, but it’s based on the experience of myself, and that of other players who have shared their stories with me over time. I’m going to go through a simple example. Let’s say, we’re farming green kringles you know those things we used to collect during the Xmas event, they are green and look like the severed head of Santa Claus. Except they aren’t bleeding. So let’s say they have 3% chance to be dropped when we kill something.

That is without ANY kind of bonus to your drop rate. So person A who doesn’t have premium, does a run of his favorite dungeon and finds 5 kringles. Now, let’s say person B buys level booster premium with 100% drop rate bonus. That increases the base 3% to double of that value, meaning 6%. It’s clear so far right? Person B does run of that dungeon too, and finds 10 of them. The next day, because our game masters are so kind, we receive a server boost of… like 200% drop rate bonus. Person A is happy, because he’ll get more items without premium! Or so does he think anyway. He does a run of said dungeon, and finds 5 kringles, just like he used to before. Person B is even happier because he thinks he’ll nolife all weekend and farm so many kringles he’ll make a santapocalypse.

So he goes to his favorite dungeon, and instead of 10 he ends the run with only 8. Then he uninstalls cabal and throw his computer into the grinder. OK that was a bit harsh. So… why did person A get the same amount, and person B even fewer than how MANY* he should have? Well our game masters might be kind enough to give us 200% drop rate bonus, but they also know it wouldn’t end well if every player suddenly found 3 times as many items as they should. o, they DO apply the bonus, BUT they compensate the BASE drop rate of the items to be lower. If kringles had 3% chance to drop, and they increased the drop rate of everything to 3 times the original, that means they have to decrease the BASE drop rate of kringles to 1%, to keep it at 3% with the bonus.

So, person A with only the 200% drop rate bonus from the event will notice no difference, because 1% + 2 times 1% equals 3%, which equals the original drop chance. Person B will have 300% drop rate bonus altogether, meaning that 1% turns into 4%, and that is even lower than how much chance he had to find those things when he had only 100% bonus. Well, I tried to make it as clear as I could, and I hope you could understand it. Once again, that is only a theory. However, I honestly believe this is the way it works, and speaking of which, this probably applies to the stones from the awakened DX dungeons too, and maybe, just maybe, the rings of FT2 and tower of the dead b3f as well.

So, if you liked my little story, please share your opinions in the comments! Do you agree that it works this way, or is there something I overlooked and obviously proves that I was just talking bullshi… I mean nonsense. I’m eager to hear it! If you found this video helpful, please consider sharing it, or subscribing to my channel! Ahoy!.

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