Cabal: Blader’s guide to Awakened Forgotten Temple B2F

Ahoy! Lately, I’ve tried to explain what to do in awakened forgotten temple to some bladers. However, an explanation isn’t as obvious as a video, so here’s a visual guide as well. There are 2 key points where a blader is usually needed. Of course if your gear allows it, you may not need a blader, but I assume that average players are watching this video. The first one, is that corridor with lightning traps around. In AFT2, blader has it easiest: just turn on intuition and run through them. You should have more than enough time to do that. Once you’re on the other side, you can signal the rest of the party to leap on you. Alternatively, if you’re not a blader, you can check out my video guide for other classes. I will add the link to the description. Now, the second part is another corridor full of toxic gases. Once again, those kill people pretty easily, but intuition can fix that. As a blader you will have to turn off the fumes using those devices. There are 2 of them, each makes the part before it safe.

Keep in mind that disabling 1 of the sections activates the other one. The spots in front of the devices are safe, so the best way to do this is this: Simply disable the first, but move on right away and stop in front of the second one. When all of the party reaches the safe spot in front of the first device, disable the second one and signal them to follow you. Note that everyone inside the dungeon will see the quest window appear and the message that the quest is being progressed when you click the device for the first time. This way others will know when to enter the place. On the way back, the second part is already disabled so you can move until the first device. Then anyone can click that device and go on. When going for the last boss, the first section is going to be disabled already, and the blader has to take care of the second section. Like I said, the quest window and the message are only displayed the first time you click the devices. So, better safe than sorry, always signal your party members in chat or some other way! Well, I hope you’ll find this useful, and thank you for watching! And a little bonus footage.

This is pretty much the first time I tried retargeting. Anyway, if you found this video useful, please consider sharing it or subscribing to my channel! Ahoy! And enjoy the sound of BM2 instead of the usual music.

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